Time to start asking some tough questions

Like I said, it’s lightning speed.  And it’s nothing to do with bullying but rather bald-faced propaganda.

And if you’re wondering how this could be so, let me clue all of you into something:

It’s called blackmail.

It’s the only thing that makes sense.  The Agenda has got something on the bishops.  It would explain much.

If they were to do what they’re supposed to do, the cat would be out of the bag….or closet.

We have to start asking some tough questions about the sexual history of our bishops.  Do we really believe Lahey was the only one?  Come on. Let’s get serious.

And really, no bishop – whether bishop, archbishop or cardinal – should be exempt.

Do we really want the truth?  Are we prepared to ask some embarassing questions?  Are we prepared to ask them to their faces about their sexual histories?  Are we at that point yet?  If not now, then when?  Our children are being thrown under the bus…and the bishops are standing by and letting it happen.  That doesn’t happen without a very good reason.

6 thoughts on “Time to start asking some tough questions

  1. Time? How about LONG PAST TIME…. I tried to be open minded and supportive of the Bishops, as i’m sure we all did, I know that many of us wrote to Cardinal Collins to tell him we had his nback if he invoked article 93… But instead all we get is that letter of capitulation? If I have a good summer in business, I am going to have to seriously consider getting my kids into private school, since our catholic schools are no longer Catholic, being run and guided not ny true Bishops *((which we don’t seem to have) but instead by “bishops” of the” Unholy Unapostolic Church of the Teachers’ Union”… My daughter even told me yesterday that they actually sing “Lean on Me” at the masses the hold at school. What, may I ask, is going on?
    I know i may sound like a dissenter, but I have reached the point where another question must be asked: If we have Bishops like these, why do we need them? The red cap is supossed to signify that they have pledged their heads to heaven for the gospel, in other words , prepared to stand for the gospel, no matter what even at the price of their lives! All they ever seem to do is acquiesce time and time again to whatever “Rome” decrees. Are they, as you suggested, compromised by some sin that the agenda knows about? That is a distinct possibility for some… I believe many politicians have been thus compromised resulting in the votes some of them have cast… I’ve been saying that for years. I thiunk it also has much to do with idolatry: ie: Putting money-stolen loot at that- ahead of Christ and His teachings… They are afraid of losing tax exemptions… they are afraid of losing subsidies for D&P (a whole different kettle of maggoty fish) and their othe “social justice” projects… They are so out to lunch. What do i see at my daughter’s elemnentary school? Signs that say “Stop KONY” not “Stop Abortion”.
    The real question is might we be better off wiothout subservient Bishops? It’s time to tell them where to put their public funding if it compromises teaching. At this point, public schools can hardly be distinguished from Catholic ones…. And it would have been so easy to just invoke artcle 93…
    Prediction: The Bisghops have just allowed-I say within 3 years= a situation whereby the Catholic and public schools will be merged together into one big secular school system.
    Can the laity not rise up and invoke aricle 93 in the courts, if the cowardly Bishops won’t do their job?

  2. Young Canadian RC…not sure what you mean. Could have been the spamblocker. Try again. But save your post on your computer before you hit the submit button.

    • Alright here goes … normally I’m only an observer on this blog to be abrest of pro-life and D&P scandal news. However I will comment on this rare occasion.

      Perhaps you should expand your goals and coverage on this site to exposing the bishops and getting answers to those hard questions for us.

      Now with this topic of Blackmail.Yes, I think that’s likely why Collins pussied out in the end and didn’t use a more forceful means to attack McTyrant. An acquaintance I know at a novus ordo parish also has heard that there were possible threats to Collins and/or the diocese along the lines of more sexual abuse charges, or sexual scandals amongst the bishops and clergy. In other words, prying open, forcefully, the closets and letting their skeletons be on display.

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