Time to clean out the stalls…enough is enough.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has announced “stronger policies and clearer mechanisms” to ensure that grants from the bishops’ anti-poverty agency do not support causes inimical to Church teachings.

The new policies include 10 commitments, beginning with a promise to “emphasize the principles of Catholic social and moral teaching in all CCHD materials and communications.” The reforms also include a requirement that applicants state their goals in terms of Catholic social teaching, and the creation of a review board to hear complaints about improper grants.

“These 10 commitments are neither an abandonment of CCHD’s foundations nor are they an effort to repackage ‘business as usual,'” the organization says. That statement underlines the difficult position that the CCHD now occupies.

The CCHD has been torn by criticism from conservative Catholics who have objected to the agency’s regular collaboration with left-wing activist groups, and especially its funding for groups that promote causes such as legal abortion and homosexual marriage. On the other hand, promises of reform have raised the hackles of liberal Catholics, who fear that the CCHD may forsake its historic commitment to community organizing. (Source)

The Americans are cleaning up their act.  More on this story, here.

Not sure what has been happening at the Plenary Assembly of the Canadian bishops which is going on this week, regarding Development & Peace.   Their website has said very little about it, except for a posted letter from the CCCB’s president to the Holy Father, promising “renewal” (my favourite word!) of Development & Peace in light of Caritas in Veritate.   We can’t be sure if that is code for “we’re going to finally going to hire a bulldozer and clean out the stalls”, or if it’s just more empty rhetoric.  In all honesty, do they really believe they can fool us with another whitewash report? I really hope not. Really.

Monday was open to “accredited media”.  That means that bloggers were not welcome. And certainly not critical blogs, like Socon or Bust.  And especially blogs which call attention to the abortion scandal of the Canadian bishops who send money to the abortion-pushers in the Global South.  We mustn’t cause scandal to the Faithful, after all.

Anyhow, today, tomorrow and Thursday are the “closed door sessions” which means they are closed to the media. 

That’s when we find out if, of the 90 bishops who are present, there’s at least a couple of testicles in the room.


6 thoughts on “Time to clean out the stalls…enough is enough.

  1. I’d be thrilled with 10% of the measures, but don’t hold your breath, Steve. The Americans have called out the problem by name. They did not try to sugar coat it, but addressed it head-on. Does anyone really think that we’re going to be as fortunate? The chances are slim to none.

    Sadly, the consequences to the bishops and the credibility will be very damaging and, for all intents and purposes, terminal for them personally. Our hope is for the next generation of bishops.

  2. A quote from Msgr. Powers (Gen. Sec. of CCCB) late last week (in BC Catholic) re: CCCB’s D+P committee:

    “excellent results to report… They will have a report for the plenary where absolutely all the issues have been looked at… something quite wonderful… [will result].”

    Sorry to be a downer guys, but I am very very pessimistic. What else would “excellent results” mean except that the whitewash continues. Same old bureaucratic BS.

  3. When I clean out my horses stalls, I sprinkle the base with lime, then add at least a foot of straw on top, so they stay dry and healthy. Time to get to work on D&P Bishops.

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