Time to Ask the Prime Minister About Abortion

Well, folks, here’s our chance to ask the Prime Minister to restrict abortion in light of the will of the Canadian public.

Go here. Type in “abortion” in the search field (see note below) and vote accordingly for all of the questions dealing with the topic.

(Note: Do not type in “abortion” in the YouTube Search field but the Search field beside the Question).

Yours truly just entered a question.  It is authored by “Paycheck”.

Spread it around. We’re late in joining folks but we can make a difference.

One thought on “Time to Ask the Prime Minister About Abortion

  1. Done, but I don’t think it will make a difference.

    Mr. Harper and his government are officially pro abortion. Harper is pragmatic, I think any question about abortion will be ignored.

    If the media picks up on the abortion concerns Harper will issue talking points and that will be the end of that, again.

    Harper is part of the problem!

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