Time for a Sterilization Tax



in a Coal Mine.

No children? No work force.  Unsustainable social programs.  Economic collapse.

It’s time for Western goverments to consider a sterility tax for all of the free-loaders who expect “the government” to pay for their entitlements without the necessary workforce to support those entitlements.

I say…

500% tax on contraceptives.

Major tax incentives for families who have many children.  The more children you have, the less tax you pay.  A future workforce, after all, is essential to the growth and continued existence of the State.

Sterilization and masturbation, we are finding out, have their own social and economic costs.  And they are not unsubstantial.

Discussion here.

2 thoughts on “Time for a Sterilization Tax

  1. I’m fine with your proposal … let’s just make sure that you and your offspring pay your fair share for breeding the planet into oblivion.

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