One thought on “Three more Planned Parenthood clinics exposed

  1. The public are censored by the popular media, courts, schools and Nicolaitans, because our education establishments and the majority of TV preachers are teaching a different gospel. Our schools teach Love without meaning( kinsey Sex Education,) and murder without guilt (Abortion) by police and court enforcement. Along with the Politically Correct Relativism that all view are equally beneficial and true, which is nonsense. The majority of our Western Civilization has been socially engineered to believe this. Our Lord gave us volition. What the majority of our people are choosing is by free will, because they believe everything that our education establishments and popular media are teaching them. When the majority of the Nicolaitan church is selectively stupid like the secular pagans on health, and sanctity of life issues we find our society in a mess. Professor Tom Landers did his research in the Vatican libraries and questioned Priests, and Cardinals after mass. If you think this is not going on everywhere you are dreaming. Professor Walter Szetela has gone to be with Jesus. We need your help in this Culture War.

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