Three D’s For Development & Peace

OTTAWA, June 22, 2012 ( – The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is reporting on two recent meetings they held with the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace to discuss the continuing efforts to renew the beleaguered aid organization.  In two meetings on February 1st and May 31st the CCCB’s Standing Committee on D&P met with leaders of the bishops’ development arm to discuss, in part, D&P’s new proposal for establishing partnerships with groups in the Third World. Canada’s bishops began the effort to renew D&P in the fall of 2010 after revelations by LifeSiteNews and others that their development arm was dispersing Catholic funds to at least two dozen groups in Latin America, Africa, and Asia that advocate for the decriminalization of abortion. D&P’s new initiative is being called a “3D approach to partnership,” with the three Ds standing for Dialogue, Discernment and Decision. “Dialogue would include conversations by Development and Peace with its actual or proposed partners,” a CCCB statement explains. “Discernment includes the ways by which CCODP liaises and dialogues with its partners and with the Bishops of Canada as well as with local Bishops in the Global South. Decisions remain the responsibility of Development and Peace as part of its overall accountability.” “There was agreement at both the February and May meetings to continue work on the 3-D process as a constructive way to ensure objectivity, transparency, and input from all parties involved,” the CCCB statement adds….(Source)

So the three R’s (renew, recycle and regurgitate) are being replaced with the three D’s, “Dialogue, Discernment and Decision”.   I have long given up hope that things would change with Development & Peace. It’s simply not going to happen, as long as the 60s crowd is still in control.  None of these professionals really care about human life to the point of taking the necessary action to fix the problem.  For them, it’s little more than lip service and window dressing.   The “three D’s” are just as ineffective and useless as the previous three R’s were.  They dialogue, discern, and decide AMONGST THEMSELVES.  It’s the same old boys’ club that really hasn’t got a clue of what public relations means.  I’d like to really fill them in on the obvious:

 “Fellas, you could have saved yourself all of the fuss and muss of this rebranding and reimaging, not to mention the new bureaucracy that you’ve cocooned yourself with. If you’re not going to bring your critics around the table for a frank discussion of what is going to make this problem go away for you, then let me fill you all in on a little secret: you haven’t fooled anyone. Going through some fake song and dance is not going to do it for you.  Just ask yourselves two very important questions: just who are we trying to placate and why, and more importantly, will our efforts do the trick?”

The whole reason why they were busted was not because of some stupid communication or organizational strategy, but because their whole organization and the bishops propping them up were fundamentally at odds with the Church’s pastoral teaching on human life.  

And guess what?

They still are, as Socon or Bust readers will find out next week.

I’ve got three D’s that are more accurate for this whole sham exercise:  Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest.

Or as they say in modern parlance, it’s a massive fail.

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