Thousands Support Catholic Prof Fired for Explaining Church Teaching on Homosexuality

It’s great to see people mobilize to defend an innocent man who was unjustly dismissed by autocratic thugs.  Keep up the good work.  We need more of this.

By Kathleen Gilbert

URBANA, Illinois, July 19, 2010 ( – A University of Illinois professor fired for explaining the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality has gathered several thousands of students, alumni, and others – including the head of the the University’s atheist club – demanding that the Catholic professor be reinstated. (Source)

The university will be investigating the firing of Dr. Kenneth Howell.  I suggest you drop them a line to put in your 2 cents worth:

Office of Public Affairs
(217) 333-5010

24 thoughts on “Thousands Support Catholic Prof Fired for Explaining Church Teaching on Homosexuality

  1. More people are in the culture war in the U.S.A. than in Canada. Canadian traditionalists are A.W.O.L. (absent without leave) in the Culture War raging for the soul of Western Civilization. Why bother to pray when you are going to remain silent after prayer? Dr. Chris Kempling remains dismissed in Canada, and is driving a truck to support his family while most of the pew potatoes pray and shrug their shoulders. Is the Church dead in Canada except for a remnant? Only a very few are involved in politics where the politicians make our laws in our Legislatures and Parliament. If we elect enough traditional politicians with the guts to rein in the tyrannical judiciary we can get our country back. Canadian traditionalists please wake up and get involved in the Culture War.

  2. Gary,

    Who do you suggest Canadians vote for when all parties are the same…they just pretend to be different. (Don’t make me laugh and say Conservatives, Harper has a strangle hold on all prolife MP’s. There is no point voting for a CPC prolife MP if that’s your strategy.)

    Are you depressed? Most of your post is unfair verging on cruel. You have ignored the endless hard work many prolifers, from across this country, do for the cause.

    Prayer a waste of time? Hardly.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I share your concerns about who to vote for. Harper is neutering the CPC to a large extent (though not 100%). He has to go. That will be the subject of another post. So much to blog about, so little time 🙂

    I will let Gary explain his comments. With regards to his comment on prayer, I don’t think he’s implying that prayer is useless. I think his point is that people are being very inconsistent if they only pray for the Culture of Life but don’t lift a finger when it comes to taking concrete action to back up their prayers. It’s almost hypocritical, some would argue it’s lazy. Reminds me of the “lip service” criticism that Jesus expressed towards many of his contemporaries. You wonder if their prayers are really sincere if they don’t do any more.

    After all, it’s too easy to lift up a brief prayer from the comfort of our homes, and then turn on the TV to watch the hockey game instead of going to witness at the abortuary, participate in the March for Life or vote for a pro-life candidate. That’s not good enough. We need to do better.

  4. Steve,

    Unlike you, I don’t think people are indifferent about abortion. I think they are depressed about it. They have seen mostly failures for their efforts. Just look how the laws have changed over the years.

    We’re already talked about the futility of voting prolife, why bring it up again? It’s an unfair example.

    Witnessing at an abortuary helps but isn’t the best suggestion. I don’t know about where you live but here you can’t be within 50 meters of an abortuary. Besides, most people work and have families, they can’t afford to be arrested. When I look back over the decades I see little (over all) success in protesting. It saves a small number of unborn, which is good but not enough.

    We need to make a political impact.

    The March for life is still fairly new. It seems to be the better way to go. It’s growing in size across the country and I expect to see more and more cities adopt the march. The Church is out in force with a great crowd following. People are braver in a crowd without the worry of police. Plus, more people are able to take a single day off. The big bonus is the bigger the crowds become the more pressure it puts on MP’s. If they think we are a bigger threat to their job security than the PM, well maybe…

    I think you and Gary brush aside the power of prayer to easily. It’s unfair to say a person gives “a brief prayer” then they “watch the hockey game.” Prayer is exactly what we need. Prayer changes the heart and we need to change a lot of hearts. We need to build up our faith again. Every prayer matters no matter how small.

  5. I totally agree with you on the power of prayer. I’m not underestimating it at all, as you’ll see in a future prayer. Rather, I’m disappointed at the lack of other efforts for life. the March for Life, as you describe, is a good vehicle for people to come out. Unfortunately, the crowds, while growing, are nowhere near the number of people that claim to be pro-life. I see a sad inconsistency there.

  6. Keep your chin up. The March for Life is only in a few cities so far but things are changing.

    The problem is not a lack of effort.

    Unless you live in the march area, many people can’t afford the travel time and/or expenses to get where a march is being held. The March for Life in my area is held in Victoria. I live in the lower mainland. Getting to the march is a big ordeal. Once one gets to the ferry and if you can board (rush hour schedules are difficult) the cost for Car & Driver (one way) is $47.70 or single adult passenger (one way) is $14.30. After you arrive at the departure terminal, the ferry takes another 1 hr and 30 minutes to the Island terminal which is still 20 miles to Victoria. Depending on where you live the trip will take about 3-5 hours each way.

    Do you see the problem?

    So again, chin up. Don’t assume people can’t be bothered to get involved or don’t care.

  7. Prayer is a good act of communication, but who people vote for after they pray says a lot about them. I only vote for proven traditionalist pro-life politicians , and one can meet them at events like John Pacheco suggests. It is favorable to see so many rally to support professor Ken Howell in the U.S.A., while Dr. Chris Kempling is driving a truck to support his family in Canada.

  8. Garry,

    What party or which politician should people vote for when all parties are officially pro abortion? What does it say about a politician who claims to be prolife but respects and follows the official party policy by protecting and voting the status quo? Do you believe a politician who claims to be prolife but does nothing against the pro abotion party line to be truly prolife? How do you expect the average Joe-six-pack to vote when every party line is the same…they only pretend to be different. Is it fair to judge the average Canadian this way? I don’t think so and I believe the polls agree with me.

  9. Susan, from time to time John puts the names of the politicians and how they vote on Bills. The age of consent is now 16 in Canada from 14 thanks to traditionalists uniting and holding politicians accountable. The names of how they voted were put on our web-sites. In 2005 94 Conservatives were elected to Parliament 90 voted to raise the age 4 did not vote. Of all the rest of our Parties put together only 9 members voted to raise the age. so it remained 14. Then in December the Supreme Court declared consenting 14 year olds to be as consenting adults. This got professor Tom Landers upset and after prayer started to unite Traditionalist across the land. Get to know your traditionalist politicians and how they vote, and help them get elected then hold them accountable and join the Culture War. Enough excuses already.

  10. The age of consent laws can’t be compared to the non existent laws on abortion. In the first place there is no party policy protecting age of consent rights unlike the shocking protection abortion rights has. Therefore, it was easy for MP’s to pass a bill raising the age of consent. Not so with abortion. You can stand on your head and whistle Dixie and you will never, ever see abortion legislation allowed on the floor in Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. That, sir, you can take to the bank because that’s right from the horses mouth.

    “We’ve heard criticisms from across the country, including representatives from the medical community, that Mr. Epp’s bill as presently drafted could be interpreted as instilling fetal rights,” said current Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in August 2008. “Let me be clear, our government will not reopen the debate on abortion.”

    A Freedom of Information enquiry by the National Post revealed that Justice Minister Vic Toews was warned in an unsigned briefing note on C-291 from government bureaucrats that, “Any change to the definition of a ‘human being’ in the Criminal Code could have the effect of criminalizing abortion.”

    The note went on, reports the Post, to state, “The government has no plans to propose any reforms in this area of the law.” The Post’s Peter ONeill linked the latter sentence to Harper’s Jan. 17 statement, “I’ll use whatever influence I have in Parliament to be sure that such a matter doesn’t come to a vote.”…

    So don’t insult me by saying “Enough excuses already” instead you had better wake-up and come home to reality. Abortion rights are protected by all three parties and that makes the problem much bigger than just a matter of how the average Canadian votes.

  11. Susan,
    You make some very good points. We are in a tough situation in Canada. But please don’t take everything so personally. Gary isn’t insulting you.

  12. Monique,

    That would be nice if it were true but Gary addressed his post directly to me and his accusation is within the same paragraph.

    He could have made a general post or he could have started a new paragraph and clarified and change but he chose not to.

  13. Susan, we seem to be on the same side of the abortion issue. My friends and I can prove scientifically that abortion is the slaughter of innocent unborn children. Professor Tom Landers and I have also debated these issues in churches and universities. Many traditionalists back us up, but most in the church vote for the liberal minded politicians instead, and give us all kinds of excuses why. They seem to be unteachable or selectively stupid about this and what it is doing to Western Civilization . It costs lots of money to run for office and then hear the sad excuses from pew potatoes. Professor Landers has been in the pews and prayer more than most and when he talks about pew potatoes he does not mean people like his friends and fellow Culture Warriors most of whom are women. Real Women. Many in the pews vote for us but most don’t. Some Priest’s for life vote for us as well and back us up. Ask John Pacheco I am sure he can tell you a few things about this. Tom landers and I backed Ken Epp. We went to his events and got to speak to him on how he votes on Bills in Parliament. We don’t like what Harper said about abortion. Professor Landers is a DAY man and very pro-family. Mostly he always walks with JESUS. ALWAYS!

  14. Garry, It amazes me how people think they need scientific proof we are human starting from conception. It just seems like such a no-brainer.

    In my area both Liberal and NDP candidates are pro abortion. Our Conservative MP is closed-mouthed about his abortion views. We have to guess. Campaign Life has him tagged with “Caution”. Tell me, what are prolifers suppose to do with an MP like that?

    People aren’t stupid. They know voting strictly prolife will get them nowhere. Every party is the same…they just pretend to be different. And it will stay that way until either Stephen Harper is replaced, I doubt that will happen soon or some savvy Liberal leader throws prolifers a bone by, say, banning partial birth abortion (or whatever). Wouldn’t that pull the preverbial rug from under the Conservatives feet. Until then, I don’t see how it matters much how we vote the abortion issue. Sad but true.

    What to do? What to do? If we vote Liberal to rid ourselves from Harper’s pro abortion strangle hold we would be saddled with a mass of horrors the Liberals would unleash on us. The NDP and Bloc aren’t worth talking about, they will never be in power. Leaving it status quo keeps us stuck in this awful stalemate sending thousands of unborn babies to their death and, worse, their mothers risk of eternal damnation.

    I’m leaning toward the March for Life as the answer. As the the marches become more numerous and the crowds continue to grow I suspect we will soon notice the lovely scent of fear in the air. Yup, nothing smells better than a scared politician.

  15. Susan, did you say that voting strictly pro-life will get people nowhere? I have heard that useless excuse form others before. I don’t know any strictly stupid pro-life politicians. Can you name some of these for me? The ones I know have a well rounded knowledge of Political Science and Economics, while other Parties get into power and spend billions of taxpayers dollars on useless fast ferries and liberal policies.
    This post was about Professor Ken Howell being fired for teaching what he was supposed to be teaching in his class on Catholicism, and the huge amount of support he got from his countries traditionalists. I contrasted that with B.C.’S Dr. Chris Kempling who got fired for being concerned about His students and the lack of concern for him and his family here. Chris is pro-life and he lost his profession and now drives a truck to support his family. He also runs for office as a pro-life politician. Susan the politician that ought to be voted for votes for pro-life and pro-family Bills in Parliament. Some of these people ought to also speak more, but replacing them with ones that smile, and say they are Catholics or traditionalists, then kiss your babies and vote pro-abortion is wrong. Find out how people vote on pro-family issues before you bad mouth them and help get them replaced.

  16. Garry, Here you go once again with your snarly attitude. If this is how you talk to people at universities and churches it’s a wonder why they would ever invite you back.

    First off, I was obviously referring to voting prolife in this political atmosphere that will get you nowhere, and that’s true. Most of the Conservative MP’s are already prolife. How successful have they been against Harper’s pro abortion chokehold? Like I said before, until Harper goes, nothing will change. You’re naive to think otherwise.

    Perhaps you need reading glasses, I never said prolife politicians were stupid. Stop putting words into my mouth. I said the voting public wasn’t stupid but now that I think about it…

    The article above may have been about Dr. Howell but you morphed it into broader generalities using Chris Kempling as a base then attacking prolife Canadians across the country particularly Catholics using your assumptions. That was unfair and not nice.

    You also mislead people making it sound as if Kempling was ‘fired’ from his teaching job and went straight into truck driving. That’s false. You omitted the part about Kempling willingly ‘quitting’ his job and knowingly giving up his legal aid funding. He claimed he left because of harassment and that may be true. But he had a teaching position waiting for him at a Catholic school, St. Ann’s Academy. One can only guess why he left St. Ann’s to drive a truck? (Personally, I don’t think it’s that hard of a quess.)

    Further, you suggest prolifers should vote for Kempling strictly because he is prolife but you neglect to inform people Kempling runs as a Christian Heritage Party candidate. I won’t vote CHP because one of their principals is contrary to Catholic teaching. And, before you get your knickers in a knot, I checked my concerns with a canon lawyer who agreed.

    It is wrong to compare Howell to Kempling. Howell was fired for doing his job, teaching what he was hired to teach, Catholicism. Kempling is a completely different matter. His circumstance is more like Pastor Boissoin. He too wrote opinions to newspapers.

  17. Voting for pro-life candidates is still useful. If it wasn’t for them, euthanasia and assisted suicide would now be legal in Canada.

    You’re right that Harper has to go. But the presence of many pro-life MPs has had the benefit of stopping the hemorrhage of anti-life laws like same-sex marriage. We may not be gaining ground with respect to legislation, but we’re not losing any either. Before we can turn this ship around, it was a great accomplishment to stop it. Once Harper is gone, we’ll see if we can’t start to undo some of the damage.

  18. Steve, the Co-chairs of Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care (PCPCC) are not all prolife. Out of the three co-chairs only Conservative MP Harold Albrecht is prolife, NDP Joe Comartin, who claims to be Catholic, is both pro abortion and pro same-sex marriage, Liberal MP Michelle Simson is also pro abortion. I think her reservation against assisted suicide and euthanasia is limited to the way Bill C-384 was worded, not necessarily to the concept.

    Time will tell. I remember when the majority of Parliament voted to maintain the traditional definition of marriage. I wonder whatever happened to that nifty little “Notwithstanding Clause”? Oh yeah, Harper. Word to the wise, considering the makeup the PCPCC and while this political atmosphere lingers don’t hold your breath.

  19. Susan, it was my understanding that Chris got fired from his pubic teaching position, and the St.Ann’s job was only temporary. By the way I never attack pro-life people as I am one and sit on two pro-life boards. I only get upset with people who pretend to be pro-life and then vote for pro-abortion politicians. What is the name of your Conservative Mp.?

  20. I checked my details about Kempling before I made my post. To the best of my knowledge the information is correct according to news sources. I try not to go off half-cocked. (I’m not always successful though 🙂 )

    The name of my MP is Randy Kamp. He is a Conservative but does not answer the questionnaires by Campaign Life. I do not know his views on life issues with any certainty. And, as far as I know, I have never seen him take a public stand on any issue that is not first O.K.’d by Harper.

  21. Susan, sometimes there is no-one for us to vote for. When homosexuality and Kinsey Sexology is taught in universities and other education establishments as a healthy and normal lifestyle it effects us all. All the professions have to go through our education establishments, where they are socially engineered. N.A.M.B.L.A. North American Man Boy Love Association lobbies governments to lower the age of consent according to Kinsey’s thesis of Outlet Sex. There motto is sex before eight or it’s to late. Professor Tom Landers taught me how to prove homosexuality, abortion, Kinsey Sexology false by using common sense and scientific facts. These people claim our motives are discrimination and bigotry and fill their textbooks with,” If it could be shown that in pursuing their way of life homosexuals pose some sort of threat to the rest of society; that would be a powerful argument for the other side.” page 50 of James Rachels ” The Elements of Moral Philosophy.” Then Tom Lander gaves scientific and common sense facts and they are silenced by the evidence, but resort to name calling. When our teachers prove to them beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the ones who are the bigots our education establishments get angry, and if they don’t have tenure fired them. This used to be a Christian Country of sorts.

    We must stick together in this Culture War. When Parliament voted to keep the age of consent 14 in September of 2005 the Supreme Court gave people who wanted to exploit consenting 14 year old children the right to do so. Criminal Lawyers twist the minds of children easily.

    If we persist we my defeat abortion too, because it is the slaughter of innocent Children in the womb.

  22. The thousands of people supporting Dr. Ken Howell got good news Thursday July 29th, as he was reinstated at the University of Illinois-Urbana. The large group of people standing up for a Professor doing his job certainly helped.

  23. Hurray for Dr. Howell. I think we all knew he was going to win. That type of abuse is a little too obvious for the left to get away with. A little scary they were will willing to try.

    The information you have written above is not news for me. The teaching you and Professor Landers are doing is important and I hope you continue to teach the uninformed. But, I bet a strong mix of your audience are fairly well-informed frustrated people there because they don’t know where else to go and are hoping you have the magic answer.

    There is still many ill-informed victims of the abortion industry but, I have to say, many on that side know and understand the truth just as well as we do and don’t care. It’s been that way throughout history during every holocaust.

    Think of the abortionist in the extreme. Someone like Tiller. Tiller understood fetal development. He understood the struggling, kicking unborn child he was about to murder was a living human being and could easily live and breath on its own given a chance. He didn’t care. He killed it anyway and, feeling no guilt or remorse, had no problem going to church on Sunday. That’s what we are dealing with.

    Don’t think for a minute that politicians, reporters and educators etc don’t know what abortion is or does. They do. Next time you look at Harper think of the extreme again. Remember, he understands abortion and knows Canada is involved in abortion at every stage and, like Tiller, he doesn’t care. Harper like many others pro aborts, goes to church with a clear conscience on Sunday, too.

    Will changing which party you vote for change anything? No. Every party is pro abortion and Harper has a strangle-hold on everyone who is not.

    It’s not a matter of educating the right people. The problem is much bigger than all that. The problem is evil to the max, it is demonic.

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