4 thoughts on “Those Radical Christians

  1. Hay Rosy, what is Islam the religion of peace doing to Yousef Nadarkani, his wife, and family?
    Yousef was scheduled for execution October 24. He was jailed last October with his wife, family and charged with apostasy for saying to Iranian authorities that Christian Children ought not to be forced to study the Koran.
    The religion of peace, is delaying the execution in order to put more pressure on Yousef and his family to turn from Christ.
    In the countries of the religion of peace few live through this duress, and the ones who do are emotionally and bodily scared for life.
    The faithful Christians ought to keep praying for Yousef , his family and fellow believers being tortured.

  2. Excuse me I meant to say, Hey Rosy.
    If one has the time to learn what the Koran and the Hadith teach about the attributes of Allah, one would know for sure that Allah and The Christian God are two different Beings. Allah is not just the same as saying God.

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