This is why Fr. Gravel needs to be yanked

Fr. Raymond Gravel is wrecking the faith of many Catholics in Québec.  Last week he wrote an op-ed in Le Devoir, to which LifeSiteNews wrote a very thoughtful response.  As one would expect, some readers of that newspaper have written letters to the editor on this matter.  Here’s a letter entitled Fr. Gravel must continue.  My translation is provided below:

The faithful of a religion are not sheep that blindly follow the directives of authority.  They are entitled to their opinion and, moreover, they are ones that work to make it evolve by constantly questioning conservative opinions, which in the long run, become sclerotic and sterilizing.

Raymond Gravel is complaining today of the same drifting that Jesus saw in his time, i.e. having the rules take precedence over the respect of people. Raymond Gravel, far from being «confused», as implied by the editor of, is very lucide, since he advocates for and lives the true gospel values.

There’s so much crap in there I don’t know where to start.  How about here: shame to all those bishops out there who let this cancer of ignorance and dissidence fester for the last 50 years!  Reap the fruits of your failure!  Catholics in this country are so clueless that they’re calling the truth a lie and calling lies the truth!

The authors of that letter don’t understand the notion of assenting to the legitimate authority of the Magisterium.  They think they can modify a religion just like a person adds “apps” to their iPhone.  They think that the Truth and sound morality are an unbearable burden.  They fail to understand that the rules of the Church are designed for the well-being of the people, not their oppression.

Most fundamentally, their view of religion is completely relativistic.  They don’t understand the concept of absolute Truth attained through divine revelation.  We don’t make this stuff up.  We take it as the Truth revealed by Almighty God himself.

This type of “Catholicism” is rampant in Québec and most of Canada.  It’s the result of letting dissenting priests scatter the sheep.  We’re paying a steep price.  It’s time to clean house.

Please pray for Fr. Gravel and his bishop.  Keep those letters flowing to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

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