2 thoughts on “This is my homophobic rant against Michael Sam

  1. The problem is that homosexualists want to be identified as a victim group, like Blacks before the civil rights movement. One can change one’s behaviour, not one’s colour. True heroes are those Blacks who despite huge challenges strove to break the colour barrier in sports, like Jackie Robinson. or in the arts, like Sydney Poitiers.

  2. According to William L. Shirer in, The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich, “Ernst Roehm commanded the S.A.,Nazi Storm Troopers,a tough ,ruthless ,driving man, albeit, like so many of the early Nazis a homosexual.” The Nazi Government and Supreme Court passed over 400 laws,thus legally imposing their worldview on everyone,including impressionable schoolchildren as human rights. Reminds one of the so-called neutral Secular democratic Canadian ,and Western Governments and public ,who legalize and impose their morbid views as human rights. This is due to the political apathy and indifference of our citizens,because elected politicians pass Bills into Law,and then impose them as human rights. I hope our good people politically organize to change this.

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