This, comrades, is how every experiment in Marxism ends.

I hope that Catholics, and especially the Holy Father, are paying attention to what is happening in Venezuela right now.

The game has changed radically.

Marxist economic theories, because they are based on a false anthropology and theology, need to be soundly condemned.

That’s not happening right now by the Catholic Church and the Pope.  And that’s a big mistake.   Condemning one excess without condemning a much more dangerous one is a recipe for disaster because silence is tacit acceptance.

I’m with the Holy Father that we must root out corruption, and in politics and economics that starts with Marxism.  We’re waiting for a clear and strong condemnation from Rome – not just about the violence that’s happening but of the anti-Catholic socialist theories that prop it up.

Unbridled capitalism is not the only toy in the Devil’s bag, Holy Father.

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