Things you may never hear at Mass

…Surely the point is – are the eternal truths actually true? If they are, it is supremely important that people know about them, and negligent for a priest to ignore them in his preaching. Unless the Lord returns first, we are all going to die within a few decades – that we know. If we believe Our Lord’s teaching in the Gospels, there is going to be a judgement and we are all going either to heaven or to hell. Most of us should hope that we will be given the merciful provision of purgatory to make us fit for heaven.

In fact meditating on the eternal truths, the four last things, is consoling, not a psychologically damaging threat. Take for example the sermon of St Alphonsus on the threefold remorse of the damned. In summary, the soul in hell is aware of

  1. The little he required to save his soul
  2. The trifles for which he lost his soul
  3. The great good which he has lost through his own fault

This rather stark reminder of the anguish of the soul in hell teaches us that we should do that little that we require to save our souls – pray each day, keep the commandments, receive the sacraments, especially the sacrament of penance, and carry out works of charity. We are also drawn to see that the things which might cause the loss of our soul are trifles compared with the eternal bliss of heaven…. (Source)

Very sobering.  When was the last time you heard any bishop talk about Hell?  Too busy with the “New Evangelization” to worry about it, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Things you may never hear at Mass

  1. Last Sunday, our parish priest here at St. Thomas Aquinas in Halifax preached on Purgatory. I was surprised and he even began by saying probably none of you have ever heard a sermon on Purgatory.
    So in one place, one quiet but strong priest is teaching the Church doctrines and also reviving traditional meditations such as Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The background of this priest is interesting, born and raised Catholic, became Pentecostal as a young man and remained so for 20 years. One Christmas his father gave him the Catholic Catechism as a present and, after reading it, he “reverted” to Catholicism. Then went off to Steubenville university and was ordained here at the age of 49. A quiet man but obviously one that God can use.

  2. Our Priest is always speaking up about the issues of our time including abortion, ss ‘marriage’ and our liberal universities. God bless him. He mentioned recently that some were complaining because he spoke up many times about abortion. He never speaks in a condemning way.
    What I have found over the years is that there are small liberal ‘cliques’ in many parishes who have been trying to liberalize priests by working on parish councils and trying to move the Church away from traditional ways. You have to be conscious of it by being skeptical for a while and pay attention. When you notice anything that’s not Catholic, tell the priest.

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