One thought on “Things are so bad in Canada that Statues are Crying…

  1. Obviously, things have gotten so rotten that the people who call themselves the people of God don’t believe HIM anymore. They believe what the Humanist educator’s preach to them from elementary school all the way through university that Christianity and all other views are mental constructs , but Charles’s. In ,” THE DESCENT OF MAN “, Charles tells us that we are not a little lower than angels, but are trousered apes and the higher ones will destroy the lower ones. The so-called people of God and most everyone else have been “educated” to believe Charles’s creation story with the “religion” of GODLESS HUMANISM, because it is protected by Blasphemy Laws. Most of the people don’t seem to give a rip about JESUS anymore and in a democracy the people choose the policies of the government and politicians they deserve. So the Statues cry because the so-called people of God can’t be bothered. What is stopping “YOU” for voting for Godly politicians who make our LAWS. Don’t you want to live in a CANADA that treats its citizens like they were made in the image of God rather than trousered apes?

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