They’re worried…and they should be. The writing is on the wall.

With their “I regret my abortion” signs, the Silent No More Campaign also maintains a frequent presence on Bank Street. A project of the male-led Anglicans for Life and the Priests for Life intended to help support various anti-choice “awareness” efforts, Silent No More solicits tearful testimonies from guilt-ridden religious women who regret their abortions. Women experience all sorts of emotions following their abortions, relief being the most common one, and few women suffer long-term negative psychological effects because of their abortion. While I would agree that women need more safe spaces to discuss all of their emotions following an abortion, it is worth noting that there are no organizations out there with ready-made sandwich boards “I regret choosing to parent” and it is completely unfair to suggest that one person’s experience will be the same as someone else’s.

40 Days for Life has an impressive level of organization, including coordinators, a user-friendly website, and many participating churches and Catholic schools – each responsible for one day of harassment. This ensures city-wide participation, meaning the organizers are able to produce a consistently high number of volunteers….(Source)

It’s just a matter of time.  Abortion is on the way out.

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