The “right to blasphemy” and fear-driven self-censorship

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, some secularists have been pressing Christians, Jews and Muslims to sign a joint declaration defining blasphemy as a right, and to post that declaration outside their places of worship.

This is silly on two fronts. First, it’s sad that in their apparent attempt to assert their courage and defiance against the intimidation of jihadists, the secular media feel the need to seek support from theists. There’s an oxymoron here that raises legitimate questions about the relative spines and intestinal fortitude of theists vs. secularists. It’s more than curious that the secular media seeks support and strength from those they love to ridicule. Perhaps their sub-consciences sense the genuine deficiency and lack of firm foundation of their secularist position. Their search for affirmation reveals a profound fear and insecurity in that they want others to approve of their drive-by-smearing. Maybe they don’t want their heads to be the only ones on the ISIS chopping block. Misery loves company.

But more fundamentally, there’s no such thing as a “right to blasphemy”. Rights are defined towards the good, not evil. There are no rights to commit evil. At most we sometimes tolerate evil for the sake of a greater good.

For example, there’s no “right” to gratuitously insult someone. Society tolerates insults (within limits, e.g. defamation lawsuits) for the sake of preserving a greater good called freedom of speech. But there’s no “right” to go around insulting people for the heck of it. Few sane ethical human beings would condone or applaud gratuitous insults. Even from a purely human point of view, that’s not good for social cohesion. Calling it a “right” would give it a legitimacy it doesn’t have. Advocating for such a right betrays a very shallow moral fabric and misunderstanding of true freedom. That doesn’t mean that we put people in jail or hand out fines over insults, but they shouldn’t be normalized, nor be the source of livelihood as it seems to be for some trashy publications like Charlie Hebdo.

In pushing for the “right to blasphemy”, the secular media has revealed that their fear of jihadists is leading them to take the easy way out over the challenges posed by radical Islam. Yes, there are risks to publishing derogatory cartoons of Mohamed. But that’s much less risky than the alternative, i.e. undertaking a mature societal debate about competing ideologies and religions. Publishing offensive cartoons earns you a tiny probably of being killed, but starting a societal debate is 100% guaranteed to earn you many powerful enemies. That’s why the mainstream media, despite the barbarity displayed before their eyes, still doesn’t have the stomach to start a conversation about the fact that not all religions are equally conducive to social harmony; that some foster respect, tolerance and economic development, while others are more conducive to violence, instability and economic stagnation; that our current immigration policies need to be revisited due to the obvious failure of forcing radically divergent worldviews to coexist; ultimately, that the current version of multiculturalism has failed. These are complex questions that require a carefully crafted policy response lest we fall into dumb and unjust oversimplifications like stigmatizing all Muslims.

Only the genuinely brave would dare tackle these questions. The mainstream media won’t go there, for two reasons. First, they don’t want to know the answers to those questions. They don’t want to admit that despite all their claims about Christians being intolerant bigots, Christianity provided the tolerant space for such virulent anti-Christians to express themselves. In a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, that would never have happened.

Second, most people in the media and the elite are genuinely afraid of the jihadists. That’s why they self-censure and avoid any negative stories about Islam. Remember the terrorist killings in Canada on October 21-22 and how some MPs and media were afraid to even call them acts of terrorism? Remember how so many acts of terror are blamed on the West for failing to “engage” with jihadists? Rex Murphy summarized a few examples, in case you’ve forgotten. Other attacks are blamed on things like unemployment. What a joke. The media is afraid and has adopted the strategy of appeasement: If you don’t offend jihadists, they hopefully won’t hurt you. Christians and Jews, on the other hand, can be insulted any time because they’re much too civilized to go on killing sprees.

The only ruse the media has found to protest against the Charlie Hebdo massacre while avoiding the difficult societal questions is to reprint a Charlie Hebdo caricature on their cover page for one day and pound their chest about how audacious and effective this will be in combating the problem. If anyone accuses them of being “intolerant”, they can easily say that it’s “just a joke” and “they don’t mean any harm”. World leaders, for their part, could do no better than staging a photo opp on a closed side street and pretend that they were leading the million-strong march towards a solution. It’s all show and no substance. With this approach, they manage to save face before immediately returning to their strategy of appeasement and self-censure.

Unfortunately, that won’t make the real problems go away. The demographic trends in Europe are advancing relentlessly. Radicalization is showing no signs of abating. Several European cities experience frequent riots, intimidation and other social tensions. The real problem won’t go away with a cartoon and self-censorship. It’s time to act like mature adults and face these challenges before they undermine our way of life.

5 thoughts on “The “right to blasphemy” and fear-driven self-censorship

  1. After leaving the highly offensive photo titled “Piss Christ” posted for 26 years; despite decades of public Christian outcry over the image panned as art; “The Associated Press” finally removed the controversial, and denigrating image, but only after a journalist called out its “double standard” brought to light when it touted its policy of not publishing potentially offensive Charlie Hebdo satirical cartoons of Muhammad, such as the ones that incited the deadly Paris attack.

    Western Civilization was talked out of Christianity in Government,law,Education in favor of so-called ‘neutral” Secular Paganism starting in 1962.There lies the problem,since then schoolchildren have been indoctrinated into the tenets of so-called neutral secular Paganism.Western Civilizations Education Establishments put out anti-Christs taught in the tenets of so-called neutral secularism by adult school teachers and homosexual activists,from Kindergarten through University.The ones who object to this evil social engineering get fired,and their children and family name called.Western Democratic Government,Law,Education and Entertainment agrees with this rotting of minds Politically. We even have so-called Priests both Catholic and Protestant cults who call themselves pro-abortion and homosexuality who sue Lifesite. When my Canadian and Western contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers,our Priesthood Politically kept it that way. Homosexual and lesbian politicians wouldn’t dare legislate morbid behaviors normalized from Kindergarten through University. Children are malleable and trusting;their brains are not unlike blank canvasses awaiting the brushstrokes of their environment.They absorb any image that is placed in front of them.Why are you my fellow Canadians and citizens of Western Civilization allowing our Democratic Governments,Law Courts,Education Establishments and Entertainment pervert our Civilization Politically? In a Democracy the united citizens control the laws of the land Politically not Homosexual/Lesbians who are less than 2% of the population, or Homosexualist Politicians or Criminals who legalize then normalize perversions, as so-called human rights taught by adults to schoolchildren.

    Western Democratic Civilization has rotted Politically,because they have Politically allowed themselves to.If you don’t protect your children politically in democracies who will?

  2. I agree with you Citizen. Also Western societies no longer have any claim to a moral high ground, when they have allowed and legislated abortion – the greatest holocaust in human history. Islamic terrorists are involved in evil acts, but what about the blood on our own hands which has lasted for 40+ years – millions if not billions of fellow human beings tortured and dismembered in the womb. We can never find peace until this ultimate of all evils is abolished. God help us!

    • The National Women’s Party was founded by Alice Paul in 1915. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth C.Stanton ran the official publication of National Women,The Revolution. Alice Paul stated,” Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” There was no disagreement from fellow Suffragettes.Now starting in 1962 so-called”neutral” Secular Pagan Canadian and Western Democratic citizens can be Politically talked into legalizing the killing of Children who ought to be safe in their mothers wombs,and they can be talked into legalizing anything at all.A great number of so-called “neutral” Secular Educators and citizens have come to indoctrinate students into thinking ,it is desirable and normal to kill the weak and helpless.Babies, in former Christian Democracies now known as so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democracies, asleep in their mothers wombs are awakened by knife edged cannulas that suck and tear at their soft limbs,while white haired Grandmothers with wandering minds are herded by white smocked so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Medical Staff into the cold and dark waters of death.So-called “neutral” Secular Physicians are EDUCATED to think of Abortion and Legalized Suicide as though they were medicine.How is it even possible to think such so-called”neutral Secular Pagan thoughts?The consequences of so-called neutral Secular Paganism as The State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion.

      After The Second World War ten Nazi leaders were indicted for The Crimes Against Humanity of Abortion. They said we did nothing wrong, because our Government and Supreme Court passed Laws legalizing the killings. Their excuse did not help them. Will yours?
      Trials Of War Criminals, Nuremberg Military Tribunal,Washington,DC:U S G P O,Volume IV,page 610.

      In 1962 The United States Supreme Court declared, The Lord’s prayer, Unconstitutional in schools. Secular Paganism became the new State sanctioned Worldview-Religion, and spread like wildfire through The Western Democratic Governments, Courts and Schools of Western Democratic Civilization. The Secular morality of Abortion, and Kinsey Sex Education, is a legalized Constitutional human right in schools starting with innocent,impressionable Kindergarteners. As the memory of the Christian consensus which continued to give us healthy freedom till 1962 is forgotten,a manipulating Secular Paganism fills the vacuum.

      Who’s responsible for The Democratic West returning to Secular Paganism,by legalized human right? Could it be apathy and indifference of voters? How many people are you going to allow to suffer unjustly,by legalized murder and perversion ,as a so-called human right? This legalized criminality can only be changed politically, by a righteous vigilant voting public.

  3. If we start speaking the truth like Saint Stephen of our scriptures we may suffer the same fate,in the so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan West.Secular Paganism lies when it says it’s neutral and correct,but it is fooling the majority,even many so-called Christians.As a good Professor once said,”When the Government schools start brainwashing people to believe Secular Paganism is neutral,then the time comes when they are able to fool all the people all the time.The remnant that are not fooled go to jail.” Just ask Ruth Lobo and friends.

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