Their Right to Offend

In our country, when the time comes for our national celebrations ordered by our great leader, the massive crowds are assembled to express our glee and euphoria for living in such a great country that our great leader allows us to live in.  If you look at our faces, you will quickly observe that we are all happy, smiley people with no hint of dissension or disunity whatsoever.  Our land is heaven on earth where freedom and liberty are so unnecessary, common, and worst of all, dangerous to the nation’s peace and tranquility.  To keep this peace and unity, the great leader has even established “orgasm equality and anti-hurt feeling” commissions to enforce our peace and tranquility against those subversive citizens of the State who seek to value certain orgasms over others or upset our national harmony and politically correct thought.  Our peace and tranquility is as authentic as the smiles on our faces which speaks a great deal about who we are as a people.

In contrast to this, western democracies have struggled with the idea of conforming opinions to the harmonious understanding between its citizens.  A good number of their citizens actually prefer the right to offend and be offended, rather than to be shown the politically correct way where unity and peace prevail!  Amazingly, they claim that upsetting people with their non-conformist opinions is a human right and they would rather live in conflict and hostility rather than be at peace with the government or its docile, lapdog citizens. For shame!

Instead of letting the State or its organs think and speak for them, they want to say anything they like, how they like, when they like, and where they like with virtual impunity and with only the most minimal restrictions (like defamation and incitement to violence).  They have the quaint notion that government should be at the service of the people instead of the other way around.  They also believe that government can neither supply human rights nor take them away, but instead is something inherent to them as persons created in God’s image.

Ironically these dangerous ideas are being now quickly eroded by the same people who once clamoured for these freedom of speech rights in the Sixties. Having been victorious in their sexual liberation from nature itself and imposing their general contempt for western civilization, they have overrun every major legal, political, academic, and social institution in their countries. In particular, the useful idiots in these nations have been able to undermine their own society’s foundation by circumventing their own court system and establishing quasi-legal human rights commissions to shut down dissent and opposition.  The hypocrisy of their conduct has not made an impression on them whatsoever.  Indeed, when a citizen who does not share their demented views protests against their political and legal regimes, instead of defending the so-called right to free speech which they had previously championed, these useful idiots question why dissenters would object in the first place, as if the superiority of their self righteous opinions were evident to all. Then again, useful idiots who would change the definition of marriage would have little problem changing the definition of freedom, either. This curious disposition towards dissent represents the new so-called “tolerance” in these countries.

As for the good majority of its citizens, freedom is not that important any longer in these countries. Mammon is more so.  Most citizens in these democracies would prefer to maintain their rather opulent standard of living than sacrifice for the freedom their forefathers fought and died for.  These materialists do not get too upset that their fellow citizens are the victims of extortion at the hands of these orgasm equality commissions.  As long as the porn signal over the internet or digital TV is not interrupted, then all is well with the world and who the hell cares about anything else? 

If they are unwilling to fight for freedom in other countries when it affects their national interest, they will be loathe to fight in their own when the time comes. And that is the source and summit of the philosophy of all the useful idiots: provided that no personal sacrifice is required, it’s all groovy man!  In a rather amusing paradox, they profess to be communitarian in principle, yet are the most selfish and individualistic people who ever walked the earth.

Many of their subversive citizens recognize that freedom was gained at the cost of many lives.  What is not yet much appreciated however, although it is no less true, is that freedom’s preservation may very well demand the same compensation.

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