The Wrong Gun and the Wrong Target

In the 10 days since Jordan Manners was killed by a gunshot in a hallway of Toronto’s C.W. Jefferys high school, the mention of his father has been scant. No name. No photo. Not even a reference during the Toronto teenager’s funeral. Instead, we’ve watched Jordan’s mother, Laureen Small, a paragon of strength, going through her cycle of mourning. Even though she has friends and family bolstering her, some see her as a vulnerable single mother.

That perspective has begged the delicate question, especially among family-values proponents: Amid this violence and sadness, where are the fathers?

In a widely publicized address given on May 24, Mayor David Miller might have inadvertently given this point of view some fodder.

“I have met with so many mothers in this city who have lost, usually, their sons to violence,” he told city council, “and it is impossible to console a mother in those circumstances.”

Presumably fathers would be no less inconsolable.

But reading between the lines, they weren’t present for those sombre conversations with the Mayor.

When interviewed by AM640 morning man John Oakley about fatherless children, Mr. Miller tried to take the race card off the table by explaining that he himself didn’t grow up with a father.

The overachieving Harvard and University of Toronto Law School graduate — who as a toddler lost his father to cancer — added that the question implicitly blames single mothers for their woes.

Community activist John Muise had different experience when he raised the father question. After a press conference last Wednesday, Mr. Muise, a former police officer who worked to undo gang violence in schools during the ’90s, told a newspaper reporter what he observed about teens in the area.

“They’re confused about who their father is. Not that they don’t have loving moms, but their influences, their role models are guys with guns, guys who act like thugs and act like gangsters.”


The Left and the Right never do get it. They stammer around like a bunch of incoherent drunks trying to solve society’s problems by introducing yet another government program. Either it’s more community centers or more cops on the beat to address crime in today’s society. And the public just lap it up because…you know…the government is doing something about violent crime that doesn’t involve any effort on the citizen’s part.

When I ran as Independent in the last federal election, I pointed out the staggering statistics on the correlation between violent crime and fatherless households. You can read it here. What did the other candidates do?

Suck and blow.

That is, they sucked up the complaints and blew out the same old statist platitudes. Anything but standing up and telling the crowd the truth that government and its policies are not the problem. They are. Can you imagine a politician telling a crowd that they are the problem. Kinda explains why I didn’t get elected, eh? 🙂

Still, I was not there to suck up to the mob. I was there to tell them the truth they didn’t want to hear. The culture had to take responsibility for violent crime. Lax divorce laws, futile sex, and good ol’ selfishness is what is creating the hell hole.

When you learn to grow up and take sexual responsibility – and make no mistake about it, that is exactly the root cause of all of these problems – you will find that much of the crime rampant today will mysteriously disappear.

But, sadly, it will have to get a lot worse before people start to wake up. They’ll call for more gun laws and gun laws will be introduced but the violent crime will continue to grow exponentially, as it has in other socially liberal countries.

It’s not the iron gun that has to be regulated, it’s the other gun that needs a little regulating.

Tragically, for many, they would rather put up with a lot more carnage and dead students, then they would giving up Susie on Saturdays and Wendy on Wednesdays.

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