The Winds Are A Changing

OTTAWA, June 17, 2008 ( – As the Quebec government prepares to present a bill to the National Assembly that seeks to end the practice of hospitals treating fetuses under 500 grams as biomedical waste, Ontario is, according to an as-yet unconfirmed report, gearing up for a newly instituted “Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day”, which will take place annually on October 15. The October 15 Awareness Day is already recognized nationally in the United States, but will be a new innovation for Canada if the tip received by is well-founded.  As reported by, Quebec’s Department of Health and Social Services intends on tabling a bill before the National Assembly as early as September.  The department’s action will amend the law concerning hospital funeral practices for fetuses under 500 grams…

Whether it’s the Kicking Abortion’s Ass Bill or seeking tougher sentences against thugs who coerce women into abortion or recognizing the dignity of a dead unborn baby as reported above, the incremental approach is starting to gain a stranglehold in the abortion war.  Every step inches closer to the goal of emancipating women from the scourge of abortion. Little by little, baby step by baby step, we shall overcome the death chambers.

There’s no escaping it, the winds are changing direction and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

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