The West Chokes on Islamic Terrorism, While Pushing for Sodomic Totalitarianism

The archbishop also criticized the one-sidedness of the West, “though always with you when it comes to the so-called gay rights in Nigeria” you run, but to the ongoing terror attacks by the Islamic militia Boko Haram you only stammer. “Constantly new violence, burned and mutilated bodies, women and children who are killed in a terrible rhythm: this is the emergency afflicting our country,” but nothing from Europe on this. But for  “gay rights”  the EU, the European Parliament and other international institutions will mobilize. (Source)

Why does it take an African bishop to speak with such clarity?  Have we ever heard a bishop in this country speak like this?

2 thoughts on “The West Chokes on Islamic Terrorism, While Pushing for Sodomic Totalitarianism

  1. Perhaps they secretly want to convert to Islam,and impose Jizya or Infidel Tax and torture of Sharia Law, or could their desire be the perpetual virgins and young boys of Allah’s Paradise? All one has to do is study the Koran for the information of one culture,and the Secular Pagan morality imposed by legalized so-called human rights on everyone starting with kindergarteners, for the other. For The Secular Democratic West, a vigilant voting public is needed to restore righteousness. Where are the people who’s spilled innocent blood converted Secular Pagan Rome? Could it be that they have become a tragedy in this play, because they have chosen the Conqueror Worm over the real Jesus Christ?

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