D&P Abortion-Pushing Ring Busted

The first video is produced by SoconTV. It’s my modest attempt to summarize and highlight some of the evidence of D&P’s abortion-pushing partners, and the outrageous denials and obfuscations of D&P officials and some bishops.

The second video, however, is quite a revealing documentary, a top-notch, quality product produced by LifeSiteNews.com. I encourage all of Socon or Bust readers to donate to LifeSiteNews, an invaluable resource in fighting for the rights of the unborn. Exposing the D&P abortion scandal could have international ramifications for the pro-life movement. First Canada, then the world! We can do it! Yes we can! Hope! Change…we can believe in!



6 thoughts on “D&P Abortion-Pushing Ring Busted

  1. This is awesome. LSN should do more videos like this. Lots of people don’t like to read anymore but they’ll watch a catchy video with cool visuals and background music.

  2. Way to go guys !
    Us, pure pro-lifers, will win this war over social justice groups, such as D&P. The Catholic tradition will prevail.

  3. Since March 11th when this became known to us how many abortions have been done? Who’s got the blood of the innocent on their hands? I covered my butt and went to my parish d&p rep, the diocesan rep, my parish priest and the CCCB. Only 2 bishops answered my letter endorsing life for unborn. Still I am sending to various channels in Rome. Every knowledge comes with a consequence. (Ezechiel, chapter 30 And I pray each day, speak up each time the topic arises around me.

    I feel that the generation that lives through the chastisement will suffer for 2 major reasons: the sin of abortion and the lack of of the clergy(most) and religious from passing on the traditional catholic faith.

    This scandal with the catholic bishops won’t go “unpunished” -for a lack of a better word. Bishops being slaves to their own bureaucracy? Sounds like the tail wagging the dog…

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