The War Against Girls

Sex-selection abortions are creating a growing imbalance between the number of men and women in some countries, which is likely to lead to increased violence and human trafficking.

Read an excellent article here.

One thought on “The War Against Girls

  1. To The Catholic Bishops of Toronto Archdiocese.

    It is with a deep sense of regret that we note that the Toronto Catholic Trustees rejected efforts to uphold Catholic teaching, thereby putting all children under their jurisdiction at risk, morally, physically, and psychologically.

    We wish to commend the efforts of those few trustees who fought valiantly to uphold the faith.

    To those who betrayed the faith and the parents who trusted them, you have completely failed in your Catholic duty.

    To the trusting parents, we offer our sincere regrets that their untiring efforts were not defended by people they trusted, except for a few trustees.

    Bishops as shepherds of your flocks, we ask you how now will you support faithful Christian Parents, and protect innocent, vulnerable children?

    Sincerely, Deanna Fernandes

    Fortunately we have some Real Women in our midst. Thank You Ladies.

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