The Vox on Rosica & Baum

The Baum-Rosica post sure has received a lot of traffic over the past couple of days.  Check this post out from Vox Cantoris on the scuttlebutt.

Thomas Rosica, Basilian Priest, head of Salt + Light Television, and President of Assumption University and Consultor to the Pontifical Council on Social Communications, on your money from the collection taken up last week through grants from the CCCB interviews Gregory Baum.

Rosica hosted this heretic and excommunicate at the Newman Centre in Toronto. When faithful Catholics showed up to peacefully protest, he called the police and demanded that they be arrested, one of them is a friend of mine a witness to his histrionics and screaming fit outside St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel.

Mr. Baum was a priest and periti to the Canadian bishops at the Second Vatican Council. He made all the right friends during the day, Kung, Schillebeeckx, Rahner amongst them and at night he had them all to himself. Then, they came back to Canada and created, culminating in the Winnipeg Statement of which he and Bishop Emmeritus of Victoria and Enneagram Master Remi de Roo were two of the main instigators.

For more detail on Mr. Baum, Father Thomas Rosica and the rest of this scandalous occurrence go to SoCon or Bust

Salt + Light is as dead as a dodo.

Previously, when I’ve criticised the content of Father Roscia’s speeches or other public pronouncements, I’ve been the recipient of a generous quantity of emails from him. Emails that are unbecoming of a Catholic priest, University President or Papal Consultor.

I expect this will be no different.

The collection that Vox mentions above is the problematic “Needs of the Canadian Church” collection which Socon or Bust has warned our readers NOT to contribute to for a variety of very good reasons (i.e. Development & Peace’s cut of it, for one, along with the CCCB’s coverage of contraception in their health benefits).  I bet you all are wishing you listened, huh?  Let me give you a big, “I TOLD YOU SO”.

Anyhow, I can see all of this culminating in a confrontation somewhere, somehow.   I know that Fr. Rosica is all into lollipop Catholicism, but I’m kind of hoping that I’m sucking on sour candy when I meet him.

Oh…and those emails and combox entries that Vox has received from happy-smiley-face-when-he’s-not-on-his-mad-as-hell tours are real doozies, too.

There’s a real dozier on the CEO of our official Channel of Hope for anyone who wants to make one up and send it to the Congregation for Bishops….just in case important information doesn’t get seen when it should.

Happy days ahead.   Vatican II is going to get sorted in our lifetimes.  Baum might have had a part to play at the beginning of it, but he ain’t gonna be around to finish it.

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