The Visit to the Black Madonna


After the Bank Street Prayer vigil with the Black Madonna, I ventured home to clear up a few things.  Around 2PM, my family and I headed down to St. Pat’s where the Icon was being venerated.  People lined up to pray in front of it and touch it.    My family and I got in line and when it was our turn, we knelt down, prayed, and touched it.

It was a powerful moment for me, personally.  I could feel the consolation and healing inside….almost like spiritual electricity…if only for an instant.  As I put my hand on the Blessed Mother shoulder, I happened to glance up and look directly into her eyes, and I got a very sobering message that just kind of leaped out at me…almost like a rebuke.

“Don’t you quit.”

I was pretty taken aback.  Me quit?  What’s with that?  Maybe she knows something I don’t.  Anyhow, maybe that’s a message I’m supposed to convey to everyone in the pro-life movement.  Never quit fighting for the unborn, for marriage, for the family.

Never. Never. Never. Never.

You know what I think?  I think the Devil doesn’t have much in his hand, and perhaps it’s time for us to call his bluff.

One thought on “The Visit to the Black Madonna

  1. I think your thing on the bluff as far as the devil himself goes is probably right. That said he’ s created so many anti-family pro-death recruits of power and influence today chat his own work is done. It is their hearts we have to admonish and convert one at a time. I think that might be what the Black Lady Madonna meant for you and all of us!

    I might be able to help and hopefully expose more for you on how corrupt our Canada has become against the family and the church if you wish.

    Also, let us not forget that the war has many fronts. The other current one being the reintroduction of the Quebec Euthanasia bill.

    Heck it might not be a stretch to say the devil’s and his recruits’ plan might be…. Distract and distort that debate simultaneously too. Then when passed say that anyone speaking against their so called Human Right to Abortion is either a criminal or mentally I’ll. Given passage of the Euthanasia Bill and their logic, it would then only follow that such “criminals and the mentally ill holding pro-life positions” might be “humanely put down” in sympathy for their “illness” and the “benefit and protection” of society from such “illness” and the prevention of it spreading and to save jailing or hospitalizing these misfits as incapable of responding to “treatments”.

    Hopefully farfetched, but a logical progression for the pro- death culture.
    They might start with the new Bishops and Cardinal of Quebec as the major purveyors of these positions of ” mental illness “!

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