The virgin who loves sex

As the crown of God’s creation, the female body deserves nothing short of reverent patience.

Precisely.  To truly love and respect oneself, to truly understand and respect sex, is to truly understand the meaning of both.  The fact that our culture today does not respect our bodies or sex means it doesn’t understand the purpose or the meaning of sex.

You don’t throw a way your life savings because a swindler is trying to sell you some swampland in Florida.  Likewise, you don’t throw away something so fundamental to a human person by being promiscuous.

Virginity is a gift.  Even the sickos want virgins and are willing to pay hefty dollars to get one. Why is that?  Because there is something special about them.  Even in their own perverted, sick minds, they recognize a fundamental truth.

Sex can only have true meaning when virginity is prized in a culture.   It means the individual who is a virgin is 1) into self control and 2) has a healthy self worth and 3) really understands what sex means.  That’s something very special indeed to find in a person.

It’s the one thing that can’t be taken back once given.  Almost everything else can be duplicated or forgiven or revisited in a relationship….except that.

It’s no coincidence that the value of life is given the same level of respect as virginity….for the same reason.

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