The Vatican, Cash, and Corruption

Good lord.  Does the corruption have no end?

This is the only silver lining:

One cardinal who rebuffed a Legion financial gift was Joseph Ratzinger.

In 1997 he gave a lecture on theology to Legionaries. When a Legionary handed him an envelope, saying it was for his charitable use, Ratzinger refused. “He was tough as nails in a very cordial way,” a witness said.

But in December 2004, with John Paul’s health deteriorating by the day, Ratzinger broke with Sodano and ordered a canon lawyer on his staff, Msgr. Charles Scicluna, to investigate. Two years later, as Benedict, he approved the order that Maciel abandon ministry for a “life of penitence and prayer.” Maciel had “more than 20 but less than 100 victims,” an unnamed Vatican official told NCR‘s John Allen at the time.

The Lord is bringing down this wicked cabal.

We do not find ourselves in the moral gutter in society without major corruption within the Church.  I figured this out many years ago when I started the fight to get the bishops to retract the Winnipeg Statement.  A wise man once told me there was cash in that one too.  I thought that was a bit far-fetched. Now I am beginning to wonder.

2 thoughts on “The Vatican, Cash, and Corruption

  1. 1Tim 6:10: “For the love of money is the root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs. But as for you, man of God, shun all this; aim at righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.”

    We are seeing just how true this is. Fortunately our Holy Father is that “man of God” spoken about in the second part.

  2. When the media first began their attack on Pope Benedict XVI /I considered it ridiculous and it would all blow over. I am beginning to think this may be the beginning of a serious purification for the church.

    These hideous crimes have happened in our church precisely because we have experienced decades of un-catholic leadership. I cannot allow myself to go so far as to say corrupt but I do not argue against such a notion. ‘Something is rotten in Denmark’ and we are reaping the fruits of the rot now.

    Can this be changed peacefully- meaning will it blow over and will the good Bishops in place now lead the church forward slowly but surely- or are we in for a rough ride- meaning will the church be reduced to a fragment of what she is now -will the pope lose his voice in the public sphere and will we be ruled completely by sex obsessed secularists until God intervenes ?

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