The upcoming schism in the Church

On countless occasions, Socon or Bust has voiced concerns about dissenters in the Church. We’re all tired of hearing about it. Believe me, neither John nor I enjoy writing about it, but we must continue working until the problem is fixed.

In some cases, dissent is due to ignorance. That can hardly be called dissent because it’s not done intentionally.

In many other cases, however, dissent stems from a desire to make the Gospel easier and closer to worldly values. Weak human nature leads people to distort Christianity, to abandon the sound teaching of their ancestors in favour of a Catholicism lite, supposedly with all the Catholicism taste, but zero calories of effort. In reality, they just end up with a lot of gas.

This faction of the Church is constantly at odds with the Catholics who strive to remain true to the Magisterium. The tension is palpable, although much of it happens behind the scenes, in parish committees, in the Catholic media and on blogs.

I’m not claiming that one side is holier than the other. The issue is not individual holiness but whether an individual makes the conscious decision to adhere or rebel against Magisterial teaching.

Let’s face it: there’s already a de facto schism in the Catholic Church. There hasn’t been an official and public break yet, but rather a schism-by-stealth where liberals attempt to discretely commandeer local parishes and ministries away from authentic Church teaching.  And they have succeeded in many places. The Development and Peace scandal is a textbook illustration of the problem.

Sooner or later, liberals and faithful Catholics will be unable to co-exist under the same roof.  Sadly, I don’t see the sides getting any closer. I don’t see signs of a reconciliation. Do you? Have you seen the Nancy Pelosi’s of this world growing closer to Magisterial teaching?

Eventually, the de facto schism will become a public and official schism.

And it won’t be the faithful Catholics who will bail. Despite all the filth in the Church today, despite all the scandals, despite the righteous anger of the faithful Catholics who try to remain true to the Magisterium, they won’t be the ones leaving. They understand that the Church is a divine institution to which Jesus ordered them to remain faithful. He also promised to guide and protect his Church. So the faithful Catholics will pinch their nose and persevere, while they (hopefully) try to fix things from the inside.

Rather, it’s the liberals who will chose to leave. For many of them, the Pope is just an old man in a white suit. Virtually nothing in the Church is so sacred that it can’t be modified to suit their tastes. Not even the Mass. They’ve changed many things at the parish and diocesan levels, although they’ve been unable to change official Church teaching to suit their whims. They still have hope that this can be achieved and that the Church can be completely hijacked towards their views.  But their patience is running thin.

We caught a better glimpse of their outlook when Pope John Paul II died. The liberals in the Church were not fond of John Paul’s conservative ways and they where hopeful that the next pope would be more liberal. They were bitterly disappointed when Cardinal Ratzinger was elected. Of all the people on Earth, he was probably the one they loathed the most as a possible successor.

When the election was announced, liberals took to the air and called Pope Benedict a “transitional pope”, old and crispy, a mere placeholder while the Church thought of the real successor to lead the Church beyond the John Paul II era.

They still don’t get it. They don’t realize that the Church will never turn to the dark side. Official teaching will never become contaminated by their liberal slant.

I think their patience will finally run out when Benedict dies and they witness another conservative successor being elected to the papacy. In my opinion, that will be the catalyst that sets off the public schism. They’re willing to wait, for now, because Benedict will turn 84 in April and they figure he doesn’t have too many years left. But when they see another like-minded pope being elected, the cup will run over.

In the meantime, my recommendations for the faithful Catholics would be:

  1. Grow in personal holiness and agape love. This will do more for the health of the Body of Christ than anything else.
  2. Take a stand in your community when the situation arises. This includes respectfully speaking to your priest or bishop when you witness problems. Also talk to your fellow parishioners who are going off the rails.
  3. Pray for real unity in the Church.
  4. When the schism occurs, try to preserve unity, but not at all costs. It does no good if we avoid the splitting of a diocese if the price to pay is a watered-down Catholicism. You’ll see many bishops tempted to go down this road for the sake of not seeking their diocese split, but this is an unacceptable course of action. Make no compromises on matters of faith and morals. Use the Catechism and the Holy Father as your compass.

In the end, if some Catholics no longer want to be part of the Church, we have to respect their freedom. It’s better that they leave than undermine and sabotage our Church from the inside, as has been happening for the last 50 years.

5 thoughts on “The upcoming schism in the Church

  1. I believe that the people who aren’t Catholic are emboldened each time a bishop or any clergy does not speak out against them or won’t excommunicate them. For myself, if I see the Church watering down to the point of being non-Christian, aka United and/or Anglican, I will walk away as I would have comfort in knowing that I won’t be participating in an un-Christian Church. But that road isn’t there. Look at the Halton bishop who won’t do anything about the school board. Look at the CCCB. I’ve heard that there will be a new (and I don’t know the term for it) liturgy in the next year, 2012. I shudder to think how they’ve changed the wording of the Holy Scripture. The people who are on the inside of the Church have corrupted it and won’t quit until they’ve succeeded, so this is only where I disagree with you.

    The Catholic Church has to take the lead in many social issues as we are the largest denomination, it is our responsibility. Archbishop O’Brien speaks out against the CPC’s bill regarding human trafficking but say nothing about the bill supporting cross-dressers. They’re so way out of wack with common sense and decency. I’ve lost any trust or faith in them. But I should keep reminding myself that there’s only one person that I can trust, Jesus Christ. Don’t put your faith in man, put it in God and Him alone.

  2. Sean,

    You need not be concerned with the new translation of the Roman Missal. It was Pope John Paul II who in 2000 announced the revised version of the Missale Romanum. It is to be released later this year. I suspect it will be released everywhere in December (Advent). The USCCB has a wonderful web page explaining the new translation: You may also want to follow Father Z at his site: He comments on lots of things including the new translation. I think you’ll like him.

  3. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the comment.

    First, let me echo Susan’s comment on the new translation. It is essentially a “correction” for the current translation, which is out of whack with what the wording should be. The new Missal will bring us back to the original.

    I agree whole-heartedly with your disappointment in the bishops. But even if your parish were to become “un-Christian” or if your bishop becomes a heretic, you need not leave the Church (capital “C”) because that’s the only Church that Christ promised to protect from *complete* failure. Yes, it will fail badly in some places (already is) but the official teaching will remain pure. You just need to look over the shoulder of your local community and keep your eyes on the Pope. Besides, you can still get the sacraments in your local parish. Don’t give up the sacraments because your local clergy are wing-nuts! Their unholiness does not invalidate the sacraments! Hang in there!

  4. I say let it happen. Let the Church shrink and be filled with dynamic truly faithful clergy and families who believe the Truth wholy and practice it.

    Better yet if Pope Benedict wants to get a leg up on those schismatics, He should come outright and say it exists and that any bishop, clergy, or lay member who believes or practices contrary to the Magisterium of the Church and doesn’t fulfill their basic 6 Catholic obligations is already part of it. That ought to take away some of their fire.

  5. When Tom and our friends went door to door, and social networked to unite concerned citizens to convince our MP’s to raise the age of sex consent in 2008 ; we discovered many of the people who helped us were former Catholics who were driven out by liberals into agnosticism. It is good to see that this Site is trying to do what the late Tom Landers and fellow sanctity of life professors are trying to do in our Pagan Western Civilization. We live in a Civilization where atheism is enforced by establishment. This is no longer the country that many died to preserve in The Great Wars. Politically Correct Relativism is taught by decree now. Look what the Jackboots did to Ruth and friends. Obviously when faith is shattered by liberals many people turn to agnosticism. Tom believed that when common sense prevailed the floodgates will be opened to our sanctity of life worldview. We must continue to pray and act to accomplish this end.

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