The Undesirables

A Chinese baby’s life is wasting away at the will of her parents, and a public outcry has resulted from their decision.

The child, who was born in January 12 in Tianjin, China, suffers a handicap that could easily be corrected through surgery. Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), says there is good reason to believe that will not happen.
“Her parents — because she is a girl, and because they want another child, a boy, and because they want a perfect child like the Chinese government tells all Chinese they should have — have decided to sentence her to death,” Mosher explains.
Baby Mei has been placed in a “dying room.” She is being given no assistance whatsoever and is not expected to live to see her one-month birthday. Most families in the People’s Republic of China are limited to just one baby, and local officials are responsible for overseeing that policy.
“This is a legal baby under the Chinese one-child policy, but of course the officials who are under pressure to meet their quotas are happy to see babies die because that makes it easier for them to please their superiors by keeping the birth rate down,” Mosher notes. “So they’ve refused to intervene to help this little girl.”
The PRI president is hopeful Americans will tell the Chinese that the practice is barbaric and should end — and they can do so, he suggests, by contacting the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC. (Source)

Abortion and eugenics will always be married.  The mother of the pill and abortion, Margaret Sanger, saw to that.

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