U.N. Judge Wants To Prosecute The Pope

April 8, 2010 (C-FAM) – In London last Friday, a high ranking United Nations (UN) jurist called on the British government to detain Pope Benedict XVI during his upcoming visit to Britain, and send him to trial in the International Criminal Court (ICC) for “crimes against humanity.”

Geoffrey Robertson touted his status as a UN judge in an article he published last week, in which he argued that jurists should invoke the same procedures that have been used to indict war criminals such as Slobodan Milosevic, to try the Pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church, who he said is ultimately responsible for sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests….(read the rest here)

A couple of observations about this.

1) Now we know why the Catholic Church used armies in the middle agesForce sometimes preserves one’s independence, after all.  It’s not a politically correct idea, but we live in the real world.  Sometimes, in order to make yourself heard and understood and free, carrying a big stick – or at least something – is necessary. It might be time to rejuvinate the guard again to ensure a foreign power does not lay a finger on the Holy Father.  We know the U.N. is not exactly an intimidating force to be too concerned about.

2) Remember what I said a few days ago in an earlier blog post:

Practically speaking, this marginalization will mean that the Pope will not be welcome in certain countries as the political pressure to exclude him…With the Catholic Church out of the way, so many roads become unobstructed for the brave new world and socialist utopia of the population controllers.

It will be a collaborative effort, beginning with a few of the more anti-Catholic countries in Europe.  If the Pope is able to visit these countries, it will be merely as a pastoral visit and not as a head of state.  But this will be practically impossible to do in any case. 

The shepherd will be struck and the sheep will scatter. Once our Shepherd has been isolated among many of the western nations, the persecution of the Church in these countries will then grow exponentially.  The Church will lose many of its benefits and even rights.  In some cases, the Church will be driven underground, with Catholics unable to worship in public.  After the institutional church is attacked, individual Catholics will be targeted.  This attack will be concurrent with the attack on other Christian churches and communities as well, to the extent that they refuse to abandon traditional moral principles.”

9 thoughts on “U.N. Judge Wants To Prosecute The Pope

  1. What people don’t get: he’ll still be the pope.

    Even if he sits in a jail, so long as he can have visitors, he can still rule the Church.

    They may make a martyr out of him.

    The Vatican machinery will still be in operation.

  2. I’m sure they realize that, Suzanne. I think they’re after a “conviction” so he can be branded a “criminal” and an “enemy of the State”.

    The whole thing is so laughable, really.

    “Well, judge, I’ve done more to combat sexual abuse than any other human on the plane. What have you done to clean up the secular sphere which is at least 4 times worse?”

  3. This would help them in advancing their agenda. Specifically, it would aid them in their attempts to diminish the moral authority of the pope and the Catholic Church throughout the world. After all it will be much easier to write off the concerns and objections of the Church if the pope that leads it is a criminal or can be labelled as a criminal.

  4. The UK is so whacked these days that I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that some cabinet ministers truly want to do something to him, although not going so far as arresting him.

    But the Holy Spirit is at work: the fact that the UK is now in an election campaign will make it almost suicidal for any party to speak out against the leader of the 5 million Catholics living in the UK.

  5. Is not the Queen the Supreme Governor of the Church of England? They too have had to deal with this troubling scandal. Perhaps the British can start arresting those in their own house first.

  6. Let us remember the words of the late great Paul John Paul II, Be Not Afraid”. All these things must come to pass because the Catholic Church is the only divine source of truth on the planet. Our Holy father will prevail as will the church, “not even the gates of hell shall prevail against it”. Let us not forget these words. As Catholics in this world of relativism, and social engineering, let us pray more diligently, and become ever more a holy witness by our steadfastness and our fearless defense of the truth and the Vicar of that truth Pope Benedict.

  7. I am a more than a little concerned that a person known to have covered up so much abominable crime is visiting the UK at vast cost to the public purse. We should, of course, recognise his great achievements and also that many of his faithful will deeply appreciate his presence. I assume he will be afforded diplomatic immunity to prosecution.

    As a supporter of the arts, I wonder if Roman Polanski, the acclaimed film director, would be afforded similar immunity were he ever able to attend say a premiere of his acclaimed work, or accept an award, before being shipped back to wherever he was residing?

  8. Jennie,
    All the accusations against the Pope have been disproved. They are unfounded and false. You can read full coverage here: http://www.catholic-legate.com/?p=5963

    The sexual abuse problem in the priesthood is very real, but the Pope was not personally guilt of anything. Pointing the finger at the wrong person will do nothing to bring the real guilty parties to justice.

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