The Tyranny of “Whatever Decision”

 For good or ill, the reasons for an abortion are the business of the woman having it and nobody else: the decision is hers and hers alone to make.  I will always support whatever decision a woman makes: whether I “approve of” her reasons for making it is a non-issue. (Source)

But that’s just it:  “the business of the woman having it” is really not about her…especially in the case of sex-selective abortion.  Why would a woman want to kill a baby because she shares the same gender?  I could understand (although obviously not agree) with having an abortion because of the sacrifices it imposes on a woman.  I totally get that.  But simply because she’s a girl?

What we are talking about here is a cultural imposition (and perverse one at that) on women.  The abortion lobby has it in their head that there are absolutely no situations or conditions that would make abortion wrong in any situation.  Abortion on demand.  Abortion without question.  Abortion by imposition.  It’s all good, according to them.  As long as abortion is not impeded in anyway, who cares about the circumstances?  It’s bizarre and mindless rot.

Instead of condemning the cultural imposition of the degradation of females and the abortive act which helps sustain and propagate it, pro-abortion activists refuse to confront the poverty of their arguments.  Instead, all we hear is “I will always support whatever decision a woman makes”.  It’s this blind almost zombie-like feminist disposition which allows a woman carte blanche impunity to do what she wants, regardless of the circumstances (i.e. the cultural rot – whether by the some Eastern cultural degradation of women or the Western coercion of women against their will) or the objectively heinous crime that abortion is.

Whatever decision a woman makes.  This is not the language of genuine human rights. It’s the language of the totalitarians of the past century. It’s based solely on a person’s pure will, detached from natural law, objectivity, and any cogent morality.

This shallow and lethal thinking will not survive indefinitely.  Sooner or later, people will wake up and call this garbage out for what it is.

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