The Tyranny of Nice

My good friend, Pete Vere, will be coming out with a book he has co-authored with Kathy Shaidle on the Canadian Star Chambers. 

The title is so on the mark too.  The Tyranny of Nice.   

It’s nice to be loved!

Many of you have asked whether I’m still writing editorials for The answer is yes, but I’m on a bit of a summer hiatus. With three books slated for publication over the next year, much of my time this summer has been spent finishing the manuscripts. That is, when Sonya and I aren’t enjoying the new pop-up trailer with the kids at various campgrounds throughout Northern Ontario and the Michigan Upper Penninsula. (And sometimes I can do both; my daughters’ favorite KOA is just outside of Newberry, where one of my editors lives.)

The first book slated for publication this fall is The Tyranny of Nice. This is the one Kathy and I are co-authoring on Canada’s human rights tribunals. Mark Steyn is writing the introduction – woo-hoo!

The title refers to the fact Canadians are having their rights stripped away in the name of not causing offense in public discourse. I disagree with commentators who denounce Canada’s human rights commissions and tribunals as Orwellian. Huxley, and not Orwell, was closer to the truth. We are loosing our civil liberties, not in the name of what we fear, but in the name of what gives us pleasure.

This is Huxley’s Brave New World with a twist of Kafka. Our soma is high definition TV and video game consoles. People are too busy text messaging to care (notice?) that centuries of civil liberties are being eroded. Like Vichy France, freedom was never taken from us – we surrendered willingly, from the beginning. What’s left is a small but dedicated Resistance.

My publisher informs Kathy and me that the book’s website should be live by September 1. Publication is slated for early October. I will keep readers informed as we come closer to the publishing date. However, you can glimpse a sneak preview here. (Sorry, the page isn’t officially up and running, so you can’t pre-order yet.)…(Source)

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