The Two Standards of Fr. Rosica

Gutless leaders strike again: Henry Morgentaler’s Order of Canada exposes spineless G-G, questionable commissions

Toronto Sun: July 7, 2008
By Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.

The sudden decision of the Order of Canada Advisory Council to award its highest distinction to Dr. Henry Morgentaler has put the spotlight once again on Canada’s abortion architect and activist and raised serious questions about the significance and integrity of the “the centerpiece of Canada’s honours system” which “recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.”

When Canada honours someone who took the Hippocratic Oath and has wreaked such hurt, havoc, sorrow and grief, something is wrong with the Canadian government commission that grants medals and a Governor General who, claiming Catholic roots when convenient, shows herself to be spineless, politically correct and without respect for human life.

The recent controversy has also shed light on another dark area of Canadian society: The membership of government commissions that consist of patronage appointments who advance personal agendas, reward friends, lurk in shadows of “confidentiality” and hide behind structures and institutions. They pass themselves off as “government officials” when in reality they are not elected and do not represent the public.

Henry Morgentaler clearly does not deserve to receive the Order of Canada.

He debases the medal and those who have received it for heroism and the building up of Canadian society. Over 20 years of successive Canadian governments have been gutless and without courage to repeal the abortion law that bears Morgentaler’s name.

Perhaps the day has come when Canadians of good will who love life will rise up and say: “Enough is enough.” The Canadian killing fields that are now found at the gateways of human life in our country must be transformed into sacred and safe places of life, liberty and security of every person.


First of all, let me just say that I am shocked – shocked I tell you! – that Fr. Rosica would write such a hard-hitting column. I commend him for it. It shows that there is some zing in his step. And I appreciate it. I really do.

However, let us all take a sobering look at what Fr. Rosica says above and compare it to his position regarding Ted Kennedy’s public and celebratory funeral.

Does anyone else see the irony here, or is it just me?

Why, pray tell, does Fr. Rosica not have the same harsh words for Cardinal O’Malley as he does for the Order of Canada Advisory Council?  Henry Morgentaler doesn’t merely exist in the abortion chamber, dismembering the innocent. He exists in the U.S. senate too, preparing the way for that work.

But while Fr. Rosica sees fit to unleash on poor Henry and the Order of Canada Advisory Council for honouring the abortionist with the Order of Canada, Fr. Rosica is conspicuously on the other side of the issue when it concerns “Henry in the U.S. Senate”, when the one doing the honouring is a “prince of the Church”.

Enough is enough?  Indeed, Father Rosica, indeed!

The truth of the matter is that Fr. Rosica treats pro-abort Catholic politicians in government buildings with a different set of standards than the ones finishing the job in the abortion clinic.

As for us consistent militants, we have a different approach to them.


2 thoughts on “The Two Standards of Fr. Rosica

  1. The most vulnerable among us need help and protection instead of capital punishment. To give The Order Of Canada to an abortionist reflects the worldview or religion of the country. If you are going to let this religion be the only one taught to your children in our education establishments, then why do you pray and go to Mass? Why are you voting for and electing liberal-minded politicians who are passing evil Bills into Canadian Law? In The First Epistle of St. John 2:18 he says that,” …even now there are become many Antichrists…” One knows them be their actions and the Laws they pass into Canadian Law, and also by the people who elect and praise them.

  2. To give Fr. Rosica a little more credit, he used to meet with pregnant women in the coffee shop under the Toronto Newman Centre, when he was the chaplain there, and counsel them to keep their babies. He worked with donors to get these women things that they needed for the babies.

    Now, I used to do real on-the-street picketing, and I stuffed any number of envelopes for Campaign Life and Right to Life, but I never had the guts to actually talk to women with unplanned pregnancies, counsel them and give them stuff. But Fr. Rosica apparently did do that. And that takes guts.

    Frankly, I think Fr. Rosica was having a bad week when he said those inflammatory things. We’ve got to balance that bad week against all the good work he’s done. And if he saved just one baby through his work at the Newman, that’s pretty darn good.

    Pro-lifers are given such a hard time by so many, that it is completely understandable that we’d be furious when a priest (of all people) said lousy stuff about pro-life activists. We expect priests to be on our side. And possible Fr. Rosica thought he was doing a little “fraternal correction”, just as now people are returning the favour.

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