The Truth About Islam

Daniel Pipes:  Why I stand with Gerrt Wilders

Pipes is good and has done a lot to reveal the danger of militant Islam and the West’s refusal to face it.  But he is in part wrong: “(he sees Islam itself as the problem, not just a virulent version of it called Islamism – I respect the religion but fight Islamists with all I have)”  Islam has been a violent and cruel religion from its inception.  Mohammad made a virtue of raiding, conquering and enslaving other people and dominating them with arrogance and cruelty (making them pay a crippling tax just to survive and humiliating the subject people when they paid it).  What other religion gives permission to murder, rape and steal from others?  I do not mean which other religious group have done these things, I mean Islam actually teaches these things are permissible and even good.  Also, because its teachings are not accurate to the Bible Muslims have to live under the pretense that the Jews and Christians changed their holy books (almost no reputable secular historian makes this claim while a number of popular sensationalistic authors do).  Not only that but it leads to anti-rationalism and anti-historicism on the part of Muslims.  Anti-rationalism because reason threatens their lies so they abuse reason and cover theological shortcomings with rants and intimidation.  Anti-historicism because investigation might point out the lies and their own cultural shortcomings so they misrepresent and eventually suppress the stories of peoples they conquer and do little historical inquiry and archeology into their own past (for fear of coming up with inconvenient truths).  For example, there are hundreds of archeological digs all over Israel.  How many are there in Saudi Arabia (and of these how many are Muslim initiated)?

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