The true face of prostitution

The next time you hear some lefties arguing for a legalization of prostitution, point them to the public inquiry into hearings the Robert Pickton case. There, you will read about the horrible tragedy that prostitutes live through on a daily basis: poverty, violence, sex abuse, rape, post-traumatic stress disorder and drug abuse to make the mental anguish go away.

These women are crying out for our help. Legalizing prostitution will not liberate them.

I once met a prostitute in Ottawa. She had just been kicked out of the house of her latest “client”. She was crying and yelling at the man through the door. My friends and I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but I suspect that he refused to pay and just muscled her out the door.

My friends and I approached her, offered some consolation, and drove her home. As we chatted in the car, she calmed down and stopped crying. She was visibly shaken and possibly intoxicated. A friend of mine offered her a Miraculous Medal. She was surprised and her disposition suddenly changed. She became very grateful for our company and for the medal. She explained that she had been raised Catholic. She called us her “angels”. Within a few minutes, we reached her home and dropped her off.

It’s so sad that a child of God had been reduced to this miserable life. I don’t know where she is today, but I pray that God has helped her find a way out.

St. Mary Magdalen, pray for all prostitutes.

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