The Trudeau Foundation

So here is the website of the Trudeau Foundation, paid for by Stephen Harper and his so-called Conservative government.

This is how the foundation describes itself:

Independent and non-partisan, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation was established in March 2002 with an endowment of $125 million from the Canadian federal government to honour the great humanitarian spirit of the former Prime Minister.

And, of course, the Conservative Party of Canada has continued to honour this endowment and even kick in some dough for operating costs. Lovely. Just lovely.

This is the mission of the Trudeau Foundation:

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation promotes outstanding research in the humanities and social sciences, and fosters a fruitful dialogue between scholars and policymakers in the arts community, business, government, the professions, and the voluntary sector. The Foundation
encourages emerging talent through the awarding of Trudeau Scholarships to the most talented doctoral students in Canada and abroad; appoints distinguished Trudeau Fellows and Mentors for their knowledge and wisdom to build an intellectual community supporting the work of the Scholars; creates and maintains an international network of Trudeau Fellows, Scholars, and Mentors.

So let me get this straight, guys. You are funding a socially liberal ideological indoctrination program to spread its putrid lies and errors not only in Canada but around the world? Do you think that we don’t have enough of this crap already? Or are you just some kind of politico-sado-masochist groupies hoping to inflict pain on the next generation? Is this supposed to make the job of electing conservatives in the future easier? Good grief. Nothing like buying votes now (or at least acting like fools in trying) and creating a swath of more liberal drones for future generations to deal with.

We really do need another political party. Dominion Party of Canada. It’s sounding better every time I say it and looking better every time I type it.

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