One thought on “The Third Way

  1. Our secular democratic culture through our schools is first “POLITICALLY” legalizing, then educating (socially engineering) our society to hold the tenets of Politically Correct (Relativism), as so-called legalized human rights, and marginalizing ,firing or jailing the people who violate its rules worldview or religion . While despite this cultural equivalent of a multiple personality disorder, our headlines are filled with ethical, moral, and social issues from the legalized murder of human persons in the warmth of their mothers wombs,also known as abortion, to physician assisted suicide and all kinds of other criminal behavior. Our society is thus educated to believe that we are simply stuck with our opinions, and that all the opinions are relative having no basis in any objective unchanging moral truths. Even when the objective scientific data is given to them it is looked at as only someones else’ truth, and that they can have another truth. like in Eric Arthur Blair’s book, “Animal Farm”.

    In 1962 Western Civilization “POLITICALLY” declared, The Lord’s Prayer ,and The Ten Commandments unconstitutional in Government, Law, Education etc. ,and the So-called neutral Worldview/Religion of Secularism constitutional, all Hell was let loose. Christless Communism etc., fill the vacuum similarly. In our democracy the laws of the land are in the hands of our voting citizens. Political Apathy and indifference in the majority has produced this legalized perversion,as so-called human rights. I hope, and pray the majority of our people (fellow Canadians) do not remain the political enemy within our company.

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