The Thaw on the Chill

Bipartisan moment [Mark Steyn]: In the midst of my torment by the Canadian Islamic Congress and their enablers in the “human rights” thought police, I’ve been heartened, as a notorious right-wing hatemonger, by the support I’ve received from so much of the liberal establishment up north – not just in general terms but in specific calls for the repeal of the relevant section of Canada’s Human Rights Code so that no publishers and writers have to have their time and money wasted by this rubbish ever again. Today, the Canadian Association of Journalists becomes the latest group to call for repeal, following PEN Canada (ie, Margaret Atwood, David Cronenberg and the rest of the liberal literati), The Globe And Mail (bastion of received wisdom), and Liberal Member of Parliament Keith Martin. Even dear old Noam Chomsky is on board. All my improbable rainbow coalition needs now is a bit of a hand from the Canadian government. C’mon, Prime Minister, why be the last guy to jump on the bandwagon?

For all the links, go to Mark’s entry here

Boy, if you have been a cheerleader for the CHRC and S.13 for the past month, you must be feeling really stupid right now. 

How are you going to live it down? 

Can you imagine what they will say to you at your next champagne party? 

Hey, weren’t you the guy who supported the jackboots at the CHRC?”

Maybe the alcohol will numb the pain and the humiliation.  Frankly, I can’t see how you will recover any sort of credibility. But that’s just me.

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