The Teflon Bishops

Something that I trashed before posting a week ago, but I am posting it now…

While there will be one last push by Catholic parents who give a damn in this province, the socialists will end up ramming through their legislation and there will be nothing we can do about it — except, of course, to take matters into our own hands as parents.   That means making extra ordinary sacrifices to save our children and their souls. It’s gut check time.

If you keep your kids in the system, McGuinty’s calculated gamble has worked.  You’re not really serious. You’ll complain a bit, but ultimately you’ll comply and then forget about it…until of course your kid comes home and announces he’s joined this really cool club at school where all the hip metrosexuals hang out.

Why has this happened?  A massive betrayal to teach the Gospel on the part of the bishops is the first reason.  The second reason is a result of the first:  Catholics voted for McGuinty because – let’s not parse words – they’re no longer Catholic,  OK?  If you’re looking for a nuance in the last statement, you won’t get one from me — except for one thing — if you’re still Catholic and voted for McGuinty, you’re incredibly stupid and naive.   We gotta start calling things as they are.

And here’s something else I want to know.  Who exactly is making these bone-headed decisions on behalf of the bishops?  These compromised and political moves that have done nothing but sold us down the river.  Is it the Catholic Education Committee of the Province’s bishops?  Who are these people who the bishops are relying on?  The Habitless Sister such-and-such and the Gay Monsignor, perhaps?  Oh come on, now. Don’t look so shocked or insulted.  These betrayals just don’t happen because of just bad luck or poor decisions.

In the real world, there are consequences to failure.  In the Catholic Church, failure is rewarded with promotion and “understanding”.  That’s not good enough – especially when souls of our children are at stake.  But ultimately, the buck stops with the Bishops. They cede their authority to these Committees and to other Bishops. That has been a lethal strategy that has led us to where we are today.

It’s amazing, really, that they believe they can keep going on as before and think they have not lost almost all credibility with parents.  What’s the next great initiative?  We’re supposed to go along with it, I suppose.   Just exactly how, I wonder, does that Calculus work?  We’re supposed to trust you after 40 years of leading us into the gutter?

Here’s an idea:  repent or resign.

Please, for the love of God and for the love of our children, recognize that you may not have the necessary courage and fidelity to lead us.  After all the prayers and pleading of parents, God’s grace has bounced off of you like teflon because of your collective sin and refusal to uphold the Gospel of Life.  Betrayal after betrayal has a way of institutionalizing itself to the point where collapse is inevitable.

Please…instead of tripping all over yourselves in being lolipops for every sort of special interest group,  have some compassion and mercy on Catholic parents for a change.  Lead.  For the love of God, lead instead of being Church bureaucrats.

The government and the public don’t take you seriously because you don’t take yourselves or the Catholic Faith seriously. That’s the truth and it’s time to face the truth and then act to correct it.  There’s no gain in this situation without pain.  Forget about legal fictions to fix the problem. That’s a fantasy that will result in another huge disappointment.  Quebec and Newfoundland are prime examples of this.  Forget about the court challenge.  Tell the government to go to hell and refuse any more public funds.  Let it hit the fan and see where all the marbles fall.  Start acting like men and fathers and less like fifis and wimps.

3 thoughts on “The Teflon Bishops

  1. Heartbreaking. I think I said it in another response, it’s like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion. All of us in our own way have to speak up on behalf of the truth, in our own sphere of influence. The painful thing is watching the whole thing appear to be crumbling. I share the author’s frustrated sentiments. I think sometimes of Moses in the desert and the rebellion of his cousin Korah. Moses finally told them to choose their side, and those who sided against him perished. I don’t wish this on anyone. But the culture of our Catholic schools has been so poisoned. Our kids and staff are deceived into believing they live, move and have their being in a secular hedonistic morally relativistic world. Christ is still the foundation of true Catholic education, but maybe the poisoned mega-structure has been built on sand, and maybe it has to fall. At the heart, it’s a spiritual battle, and while we each need to do our outward part, we ALL need to pray. Only in this way will the leaven of the baptized, clothed with Christ have its raising effect on the indifferent, ignorant, wounded, deceived remainder of the mystical body.

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