2 thoughts on “The Swing Back from Multi-Cult

  1. Sounds like its from the agenda from Occupy types
    to me. Nowhere do I get a feeling (intuition), that this is any way Catholic.
    We will be finding out.
    Youth who are angry and have hatred for those who defend life, are from the same Communist cookie-cutter that the whole angry Occupy movement derives from. Anger and hatred spurring forth , obeying blindly what, their own parents, families, and “friends” and mainstream media tell them is their “rights” and they should go after it and of course whatever”fascist like-minded, power seeking madmen or woman they feel drawn to follow who spews out what they want to hear, agreeing with their confusion, and encouraging a narcisstic mentality that is unprecedented, and thus lies the engine that fuels them. Never good, no matter how the deceived try to paint them and “feel sorry” for them in the toxic compassion that derives from not a sense of real responsibility that yes the generation preceeding them ignored God and His Commandments and led by example with contraception and abortion but instead some, sick
    substitute, that seeks by calling it something else like,” oh we have to give the youth their own voice and let them “express” themsleves.. blah, blah blah…) said generation can excuse its own grave sin by not leading by example, but instead gave them the remains , the carnage stemming ,partly,from the sexual revolution, but truly from a rejection of the One True Faith and God and His Way.
    Yes, I imagine they will “excpress” themselves alright, except it will not be God instructing them or them claiming their dignity in HIm . Because of people in God’s Church refusing to repent and pray like our and everyones’ lives depended on it, we were lazy turned away and just hoped that saickneing false hope and continued doing nothing different. I imagine, from what is already showing itself that, nstead a rebellious , prideful outcry, mob-like in its intensity that comes from the enemy, will become more and more loud, and it will be accompanied by action that is not rooted ikn God but satan ( I refuse to capitalize his name, as he is small compared to Our God)
    As was said True righteous anger comes from God alone and it is very different then that that comes form resentful , “you owe us…entiltlement, justified anger, that has its roots in sin and bottled up bitterness that has no where to go since it has not been brought before Jesus, in His Blessed Sacrament of Reconcilliation.

    It is God. perhaps, allowing this generation some of His Justice since the previous one, and even this one, even more so, continue to contracept and kill His Children Whom He Deemed to BE Born.

  2. >The opposite of the multi-cult is fascism. Real fascism.
    I wouldn’t agree on that.
    Japan doesn’t adhere to multi-cult, embraces its identity, traditions and heritage – is Japan a fascist state? Canada wasn’t a fascist nation before Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau. If anything – we had a lot more freedom then, than now.

    Looking at the way multi-cult is being implemented in Canada (especially all the recent developments,) I’d say that fascism and multi-cult aren’t the opposites. In fact – one derives from the other.

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