The Suing Priest & The Punting Church


I loved the last part about “the Canadian bishops setting the table”.  After all, they invited him to dinner.  Now they have to serve him.

Now that Gravel is taking legal action through a defamation lawsuit, Bishop Gilles Lussier will have to make a public statement as to his position in regards to this matter.  I’m not sure what the bishop is going to do, and I’m not sure what the other bishops are going to do.

But just like Obama is doing with the economic crisis in the U.S., there’s a good chance that they’ll punt the ball too. 

Well, uh, I can’t answer that question because it’s not in my jurisdiction.”

Either way, something is going to get decided with Fr. Gravel and the future of the Canadian episcopacy in this country.  If Fr. Gravel is not severely sanctioned or even excommunicated, no one will take the bishops of this country seriously anymore.   How can we? 

No self-respecting father would let his children be devoured by wolves…and yet that is precisely what they would be allowing — if Gravel gets away with it as a Catholic priest.

In fact, why should we be surprised if nothing is done?  This kind of dissent from Catholic teaching is standard operating procedure in the Church of the Winnipeg Statement

The only difference now is that the progressives want to use the courts to force Catholics to keep quiet.

This all comes back to the Winnipeg Statement.  That’s what this whole thing is ultimately about.  We are reaping the destruction of what was sown back in 1968.  And we will continue to reap it and rue it, until there is repentance.

7 thoughts on “The Suing Priest & The Punting Church

  1. ” If Fr. Gravel is not severely sanctioned or even excommunicated, no one will take the bishops of this country seriously anymore. ”

    Uh, Pacheco, the majority, already, doesn’t care about the bishops of Canada. Perhaps, even in your own parish of which we SCOBers here have seen a little glimpse of in your flashing pictures, I’m sure you have witnessed this yourself and shook your head. Many decided the generation prior, after the Winnipeg Statement said ok to contraception, that the Church wasn’t to be listened to. Today the average pewgoer doesn’t give a rat’s behind about their Masses, their priests (traditional or crazy liberals), or even their souls. It seems as if only us internet people and a small minority of faithful are the only ones who care about our bishops. Even B16 had to ackowledge the internet people in his address for World Communications day.

    Whatever the bishops produce is “nice” but I will always supercede them for the the true Magisterium in Rome, with B16 at the top of the ladder. Encyclical over pastoral letter I take the encyclical. Something B16 or the CDF says over something a bishop says, I go with B16 and the CDF. End of story. I will, however, be thankful that a bishop did give me the Sacrament of Confirmation.

  2. Garry

    You’re taking your anger against our bishops way too far. The Sacrament of Confirmation is not lessened because Raymond Gravel was confirmed. Sacraments are not about bishops!

    When you are upset remember this:

    When Francis of Assisi was told of a priest living openly with a woman then asked if that meant the Mass was polluted, Francis went to the priest, knelt before him, and kissed his hands — because those hands had held God.

  3. John,

    We’ll have to agree to disagree then. It seems clear to me that is exactly what he is questioning when he wrote “What was does my Sacrament from an Arch Bishop now mean when Ray Gavel has the same’.

  4. Sure, but you must admit it’s a better memory to be confirmed by JPII than Rembert Weakland.

    The sacrament is valid, but the spiritual blessings and aurora around them are not necessarily the same.

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