The Suing Priest & The Punting Bishops

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In particular, we ask you to remember LifeSite in your upcoming Lenten sacrifices.  If the hierarchy doesn’t want to hear your voice, at least you can be a voice for the voiceless. 

Take the $500,000 out of the bishops’ budgets instead of the budget that goes to defend the unborn child.

8 thoughts on “The Suing Priest & The Punting Bishops

  1. John, that was very powerful.
    We can only pray that all who call themselves Catholic will stand up for life from the moment of conception to natural death. That would include EVERY Catholic in every profession. From the student, the blue collar worker, the pollitician, the health care professionals, the teachers, the law enforcers, the list goes on all the way to the Priests and Bishops. Thank you for your report. We will pray this has a positive effect in the end.

  2. Well presented John, Professor’s Tom Landers and Walter Szetela were Culture Warriors and taught anyone who would listen to join the Culture War we find ourselves in. They and their friends taught us how we can win this Culture War in 2008 by stirring up Canadian citizens to act, and forced Parliament to overturn mischievous Legislation, and bad Supreme Court Law that allowed Sex Traffickers and Pedophiles to sexually exploit Canadian Children by right. Most of the young people who went door to door and helped us were former Catholics and Protestants driven out to agnosticism by liberals. If the Institutional Church will not fight The Culture War we find ourselves in for the minds and souls of Canadians then the real Church must be underground like the Chinese Church.
    Burnaby Douglas NDP,MP, Bill Siksay’s ,Bill C-389 ,The Transgendered Bathroom Bill has passed Parliament by 10 votes and is now before The Senate. If citizens would contact their Senators to vote against this Bill it will prevent it from becoming Canadian Law. Bill C-389 adds Gender Identity and Gender Expression to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This would allow men to gain legal access by right to use woman’s bathrooms, thereby providing the legitimized access that sexual predators desire. This Bill puts Canadian Women and children at great risk.

    Thanks again John we will see Tom and Walter after.

  3. John, thank you for bringing this situation with Fr. Gravel and his Bishop to the forefront and prayerfully there will be a Catholic resolution to this, Fr. Gravel must choose, being a Catholic priest and supporting life or a layman sitting on the fence willing to support both sides as he sees fit. Bishops have to enforce the Catholic doctrine with all priests and meet these issues within their jurisdictions as they occur and rule in favour of the Catholic Church everytime, there should be no grey area when it comes to supporting life from conception to natural death.
    There are too many examples of Bishops either not acting as in the U.S. and in Canada with parish Priests or delaying involvement which has resulted in Catholics leaving the faith much of which could and should have been prevented by Bishops enforcing Catholic principles on Life, homosexualilty, same sex marriage. We pray the Bishops will publically stand up and defend our Faith and control priests under their jurisdiction.

  4. I am persona non grata with the CCCB,The Quebec Bishops Conference,the Bishops of Joliette and Antigonish and my own new Bishop(primarily because of the coven of professional Catholics he inherited),because I complain loudly and vociferously about D+P,their calumnous lies about lifesite ,the renegade wolf Gravel,and their cowardly lion approach to just about everything except the rams in their flock.I had to endure a finger shaking lecture from a priest because,”the Bishops were very angry with me”.Perhaps it was my quoting of St John Chrysotom about the floor of hell being paved with the skulls of Bishops.I agree that this boil must be lanced and can only pray that Cardinal Oullet will retire a majority of these guys who seem to love the pointy hat just a tad too much.We need men like Henry,Chaput and Pell.

  5. Nice job on that. I am tempted after viewing this to start splitting my weekly “envelope” money between Project Rachel & LifeSite with a note going in the envelope in the basket explaining the reason why. We’ll see what happens. If I was living in Joliette, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  6. What can I say,John? You have said it all again and in your refreshingly
    truthful manner (which should be the norm), for all of us so called Faithful Catholics.

    I can only say Thank You, Thank you, Thank You for caring about what Our Heavenly Holy Trinity of Father , Son and Holy Spirit, along with Our Blessed Mother Mary and all the Angels and Saints care about.

    As I listened to you I began weeping and I believe I was sharing in
    Heavens’ Tears, and their love and admiration for one such as you who speaks with the conviction and boldness and courage, that God gives to all of His true Disciples, because they want to please Him and do His Will, and do not treat this life we have been given lightly but follow Him in obedience and trust and reverence, for He is God and our only purpose here is to see Him Glorified.

    Father God have mercy on us and lead us to hearts of true repentance and humility of heart so that, in doing so we may please You, and do Your Will, not mens.
    In Jesus name
    Lead us to pray against all temptations, and evil spirits attempting to pull Your Beloved children into further sin, and we bind them up in your Holy name Jesus. Please cover us all, with Your precious blood, that was shed for us on the Cross and Mother Mary’s Mantle of Protection.

    Give us Holy hearts willing to speak Truth into lies, in season and out of season, to end this monster mountain of lies and deceit, especially concerning our nation and the horrible consequences You have allowed, because of our utter and sheer arrogant disobedience for what You have called us to revere, first after You, the Dignity of All human life. Give us a holy hatred of our sin and abhorrence of any inclination and desire for or taste for it. Our sorrow as not been great enough Dear Lord, our hearts are still proud in our own evil ways and I lament, in our pitiful small (lukewarm at times)
    actions, You have every reason to vomit us out, for we have not yet done so to the point of shedding blood.

    Jesus,Your, and our Holy Mother Mary, cries tears of blood and it still is not enough for her ordained sons. What will it take and how many must die before, He pulls back His Hand of Mercy?

    Frances Wilkinson

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