The Suffering Christians of Iraq

I think we are at the beginning of a new world order. I think we need another Crusade. This is the problem when Catholics cede their sovereignty to secular governments who turn a blind eye to the suffering of our brothers and sisters.

Catholics need to disabuse themselves of pacifism. It’s not part of our religion. When it’s time for war, then it’s time for war.

Sometimes “peace” is quite wrong and sinful.

Oh…and if there is another Crusade, there won’t be any apologies for it….ever.  Take a good long look at this picture and tell me just how you will apologize for wiping these savages out.

5 thoughts on “The Suffering Christians of Iraq

  1. We started school in all Western Countries with The Lord’s Prayer, led by our school teachers. The Ten Commandments were on schoolroom, government and courthouse walls,and in societies hearts. Now the secular morality, justice and government has adult school teachers, and homosexual activists recruit impressionable schoolchildren into believing morbidity is normal,as a legalized so-called human right.

    The so-called Holy Koran teaches Muslims, which is the name of believers in the Koran to Kill infidels where ever they can be found. To impose infidels with JIZYA( infidel tax) and humiliate them etc., Ramadan is the month in which Allah sent down The Holy Koran , as a guide to mankind. Peace Treaties with Infidels are not to be honored,because infidels cannot be trusted. Islam imposes itself on everyone, just as Secularism imposes it’s morality and justice on everyone,starting with adult school teachers and homosexual activists normalizing perversion to innocent,impressionable children in the democratic secular West. The majority of the democratic WESTERN voting public seems to agree with this evil indoctrination of schoolchildren,and thus almost all of the public.

  2. I agree with you Mr. Pacheco regarding the resurgence of the Crusades – but how about the logistics, who would organize and oversee it, the Vatican?

    • I feel that since the United States can longer be counted on to help those in need especially Christians. We as catholics need to unite with our brother christians and take help wherever we can get it france, italy, latin america even with Isreal they need help and they have a tremendous military togather in christ and with our jewish brothers Christ was christan.
      We are way more larger than any other section even the Chinese. We have more wealth we are not rich but togather we many more resouces than even the U.S. Maybe the swiss gaurd can be used they do have military expericance they are not just for show.
      Please God we pray show us what to do not as conquers but as rescuers to your church In Jesus Name we ask.
      May the peace, power and wisdom of the lord be with us forever and ever

  3. The new Western worldview-religion is so-called “neutral” Secularism, in Western Government, Law and Education. It is enforced on everyone,even molding schoolchildren into it’s perversions,as legalized so-called human rights.

    Elected POLITICIANS pass BILLS into Canadian Law. The Homosexuals who are less than 2% of the population have politically organized,and convinced elected politicians to pass Bills into Canadian Law to permit adult schoolteachers,and homosexual activists to normalize their way of life and condition impressionable schoolchildren to accept this as normal behavior,as legalized human rights. There are too few, who call themselves Catholic, or Christians of any Western Denomination who politically organize to get rotten Canadian Laws POLITICALLY changed anymore. Many of these people are Secular in their lives or Canada would not be perverting it’s children in schools,as human rights. This goes over the heads of most so-called Christians. In a Democracy citizens organize politically to make sure their elected politicians pass righteous Bills into Canadian Law. Democratic Political Vigilance is righteous. Democratic Apathy and indifference leads to legalized perversion taught to schoolchildren ,by adult teachers,politicians, and homosexual activists etc.The ones who just pray and then do nothing politically in a democracy are the problem. They are not vegetables. Now perverts have legally infiltrated every profession,because of the DEMOCRATIC public’s political indifference. There was a time when Democratic Western people would not have put up with this. Prayer is supposed to strengthen people in a democracy to keep politicians accountable ,or turf them if they corrupt youth,and society by passing sick Bills into Canadian Law.

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