The story of how a life was saved from forced abortion

…Later, Jason Guinasso would write to me:

Judge Walker called everyone in for a private meeting. Behind closed doors, he said he wanted to take abortion off the table. He said he wanted to continue the hearings in a less confrontational manner, focusing on how best to care for Elisa and her baby both before and after the birth. All he needed was for everyone to agree … which they did. Walker announced his decision at the next scheduled hearing, at which point I received an e-mail sent from Jason Guinasso’s cell phone. It began: “Call me! We won!!”

“You and LifeSitenews were a huge part of what we were able to accomplish. We were able to tell our story through you to the public. The result was a national discussion on the power of the judiciary, the rights of the disabled, the rights of parents/guardians, and the rights of the unborn. More importantly, you mobilized an army of people to begin praying for us. I know that the prayers of the saints caused the hearts and minds of the judge and our adversaries to change 180 degrees.”

“Suffice to say,” he wrote, “I will forever be grateful for your support. You should know that I especially appreciated how you applied what I recognized as basic standards of journalism to your interviews of me and in your fact gathering generally. It is so incredibly important to maintain your integrity as a journalist. As far as I am concerned, you are a journalist of the highest quality in both work product and character.”…(Source)

Now, folks, I want you to compare what you just saw and read above with this milksop:

..The “secret” according to Fr. Rosica, was the effort to avoid the mistakes made by other Catholic television networks that is, addressing a mainly elderly public, getting involved in “cultural wars” that create deep divisions within the Catholic world, between conservatives and progressivists. This happens in North America more than it does in Europe. (Source)

Here’s another little “secret”:  Salt + Light would not be able to survive if it did not have big Church and Corporate donors.  On the Church side, the Knights of Columbus forks up hundreds of thousands of dollars every year

And what is the return on their investment?  Lukewarm soup.  I think I can fit Salt + Light’s entire subscriber base in my living room. 

So while the lukewarm and neutral sweethearts at Salt + Light don’t want to get their fingers dirty about anything…except when it means serving up softball interviews with “faithful Catholic” excommunicants and dissenters, LifeSite News is actually saving lives and defending traditional Christian morality.

And what do they get for it?  Being banned by the Borg and CanChurch.

And who does CanChurch support in these new dark ages?  That really does say it all, doesn’t it?

Do your part and donate to LSN’s Christmas campaign, and send a Christmas Card to the Borg telling them how much you appreciate LifeSiteNews.

Where your treasure is, there is your heart.


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