The State of Things

Good summary thusfar by The Heresy Hunter.

Some interesting factoids that I was not aware of, like this one:

The word Thomas Rosica repeats over and over again is “scandalous”. He’s referring to the way in which churches tend to remain segregated, isolated, interested in their own. If you spend any time talking to Rosica, he will tell you just how frustrated he gets when he hears how Roman Catholic priests speak in chauvinistic ways about salvation in the “Catholic Church”. He doesn’t even like when they constantly refer to themselves as Catholics, when the word “Christian” not only would have been good enough, but preferable. [M. Gervais, “Basilian deacon puts sharing at forefront of religious aims”, The Windsor Star, January 18, 1986, p. E6.]

In some ways, he regards the Roman Catholic Church’s reluctance to permit Catholics and Protestants to take communion in their churches as an embarrassment… “shared communion” with Protestant denominations at times of mixed marriages and funerals should be encouraged… “We have a right and a duty… to take objection with these young people (including young professors), who, through their theology courses and rigid beliefs, wish to move the Ecumenical movement back to a time it knew no possibilities for growth”… The next step is to work on “twinning” churches, where churches begin to do some real sharing and experimenting with liturgies. [Ibid.]

It makes perfect sense, of course, considering some of the positions that Fr. Rosica espouses.  It puts the whole Kennedy fiasco and his “Catholic blogs against Obama” comments in their right focus.  It also puts his other slippery comments into focus as well:

Father Tom Rosica, who helped bring World Youth Day 2002 to Canada, found he was able to embrace all the contradictions of this 21st century Pope. “There are a lot of things he did which don’t appeal to my taste or the taste of other Catholics, but many things which he believed and stood for are the core and the kernel of my faith,” Rosica said. “And that is what is so important.” (Source)

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