The Spiritists of Vatican II and the Hermeneutic of Rupture Keep Rolling with Hierarchical Endorsement

An English diocese has cancelled a lecture by a theologian who has taken a public stand in favor of legal recognition of same-sex marriage.

The Diocese of Clifton announced that a scheduled lecture by Tina Beattie would not take place, as a result of controversy surrounding a letter that Beattie and 27 other people signed. The letter, which appeared in the London Times, said that it is “perfectly proper for Catholics, using fully informed consciences, to support the legal extension of civil marriage to same-sex couples.”

Beattie said that she accepted the decision, but said that she tries to “maintain a difficult but important balancing act” between upholding the teachings of the Church and “entering into reasoned and informed debates about issues of morality, society, and values which are contingent and capable to being adapted to different cultures and contexts.” Citing the final interview of the late Cardinal Carlo Maria Montini, she said that the Church needs more open debate, and asked whether “people are still listening to the advice of the Church regarding sexuality.”…(Source)

In a couple of weeks, St. Paul’s University will be hosting a conference of dissenters, some of whom are hip to same-sex “marriage”.  A couple of weeks ago, I received an “acknowledgement” letter from the Nuncio about our petition – the kind that says “Thanks for the letter. We got it and have read it.”  Usually, that means that nothing will be done to shut down this scam conference on Vatican II.  Of course, I knew that it probably was not possible to shut down this Conference, given St. Paul’s canonical status within the Archdiocese of Ottawa. That’s why I merely asked that Cardinal Turkson not to show up.  But even that is unlikely to happen, considering this (check out Sep.28-29).

I fully appreciate that cancellation is probably not an option (actually I don’t…but it sure sounds diplomatic to say it), but attendance by a Cardinal and our own Archbishop is sending the wrong message.

More coverage on this story here.

4 thoughts on “The Spiritists of Vatican II and the Hermeneutic of Rupture Keep Rolling with Hierarchical Endorsement

  1. This to me is very dis-heartening, and I am sorry I do not fully understand nor do I think God expects me to. He says be child-like, speak His Truth.
    Children would scrunch up their faces and say
    “Why, Daddy is this being allowed when it goes against what you tell us?” and why are there men whom You have appointed to represent You, Daddy, and What You say in Truth, allowing this in the first place?” They have had plenty of time Daddy to do something about this.Daddy is this not part of their job, to keep an alert eye and ear out about this Word of Yours -Dissension- and make very sure, Daddy that it does not creep in. You told us Daddy beware of all the false voices and prophets later on, and You instructed us to be very wary of deception and anything that does not follow Your Precise Word, Command , and Instruction regarding this. Gee, Daddy, how will people be able to tell that we are “Catholic” and Yours, when they see this. They will laugh Daddy and be confused, and say, “Those people cannot be really Catholic, can they?” Oh well…Daddy, I guess they don’t care about You…You know what I mean,,,,I guess they don’t love You, because when I was a child, You taught me obedience,
    cause You loved me first, and You said if I loved You back then I would obey You. Sorry Dad I did not for so long….I am trying now though, and I cry when You do, too, sometimes, and I know my Mom, Mary does too.
    I will get down on my knees,,,, and I will pray…

    Love, and Adoration of You and Your Truth. alone
    Thank You for Your Love and Mercy, and I am sorry that this is happening in a school that is supposed to be representative of You, Lord.
    The little girl You saved from eternal fire
    Who wants to love You more and more and make
    You Smile if only for a bit.
    It must be so hard Daddy…for You, I mean, , the indifference about You , and What You did, I mean , suffering and dying for us out of Love for us and then this…. I mean from, us, Your very own….You go through daily crucifixions all over again, from this sin of ours, and then we start again. Did we not learn anything the first time?

    Your Divine Mercy leaves me speechless…

  2. The more I read this newspaper the more concerned I am with the intellectual rigidity of the North American Catholic Church, whose arguments boil down to “I’m telling you so.” I am sorry that my mother was more demanding than my sweet and easygoing Episcopal father and had me brought up Catholic. However, having said that, I am grateful to for printing my comments, which are blocked in the US version of Life Times, in my native country.

  3. “Those arguments amount to ‘I’m telling you so'”

    That’s not true, Bill. The Church welcomes open discussion about legitimate issues. However, She should not waste time with these theologians whose arguments have been debunked a million times over during the past centuries.

    It’s like if a scientist went to a conference and made a presentation about the Earth being flat. Not only would he be removed from the podium and thrown out of the conference, but his scientific accreditation/ license would probably be revoked because he’s holding positions that have been long discredited through science.

    It’s the same here. Theologiams that argue for abortion, contraception or same-sex marriage are a laughing stock and a disgrace to their profession because they’re holding positions that have long been discredited by logic and the natural law.

  4. If that is so how come nobody holds these particular views who is not on the payroll of the Catholic Church or one of its subsidiaries. I don’t have a dog in this fight–I lead a celibate life and I am not Canadian. But God didn’t give me a brain because some word comes out from the Chancery and I am supposed to say yessir, yessir. (Never yes ma’m).

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