The Speech Tax Collector

Apparently the head honcho of the AHRC — some guy named Sherlock…ooops…Charlach — has come out of the closet and tried to explain some of the star chamber techniques.  I guess he can read the writing on the wall about the future of the HRCs in this country.  Anyhow,  this is what our Sleuth has to say:

First, no one is ever “hauled” before a commission investigator. Individuals who have had a complaint made against them are invited to respond in person or in writing to the allegations. This opportunity is provided to ensure fairness in the process. (Source)

 To which Ezra corrects him thusly:

There’s some legalese in there, but its meaning is pretty plain: Shirlene McGovern, or any other human rights officer, can come into my office whenever she thinks it’s reasonable, to “examine” it. No search warrant necessary. She can even come into my home, if she gets a court order — but such a court order can be applied for and granted without notice to me. That’s the kind of ambush usually reserved for getting warrants to break in on crack houses. Again, without a warrant, she can take any documents I have, including on my computer. Oh, and section 24(1)(c) allows for such search and seize orders to be granted not just against me but anyone else who refuses to answer questions put by investigators like Shirlene McGovern. That’s the power of these commissions — before I’m even found “guilty”. Mackintosh says I was “invited to respond in person or in writing to the allegations.” Indeed I was — with search warrants to enter my property and take my computer if I refused Mackintosh’s hospitality. I called these people fascist — I think they meet the definition of that stern term. (Ezra

Can you believe this? I don’t know what is more outrageous: the fact that this kind of thuggery is actually law or the fact that Sherlock is either completely ignorant, completely incompetent, or is misleading the public.  I was thinking that if I was ever summoned by one of these star chamber commissars that I would simply skip the meeting and save myself the time and the lawyer’s fees.  I didn’t know that there really would be a knock at the door.  I find it only mildly ironic that the Star Chambers charged with ferreting out the Nazis are themselves employing SS tactics.  

Sherlock ends his commentary by telling us not to be so hasty…

To prejudge the outcome of the complaint against Levant and to suggest that the commission is limiting free speech is unfair to everyone involved.

Don’t you love the fact that he is preparing the ground work for a possible “acquittal” to make nice with a very pissed off public? 

Save it, buddy.  Why don’t you just quit your position and retain some shred of personal dignity? You don’t have to work for the Commission. If you were a true patriot, you would resign.

In any case, a 100% conviction rate is a pretty good reason to prejudge, Sherlock.  And as far a limiting free speech, what the hell do you think thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees and wasted time are?  What these functionaries need to get through their heads is that free speech should indeed be free, as in: you shouldn’t have to pay the lawyers to exercise it.  It seems that these liberals think free speech is “free” the way health care is “free”. Pathetic.

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