The Soup Naziis

Reading Ezra’s blog accounts of today’s proceedings at the BC Human Rights Circus, I think Macleans made a mistake actually hiring real lawyers for this thing.  It was like both sides were talking different languages.  The true, north, strong and free side was drawing on our current legal system parlance with objective standards and rules of evidence and “truth” (how quaint) to debate the points as they were brought up.  The “tribunal judges” and the grievance industry lawyers were using the language of tears and fears to make their rulings and score their points.

It’s almost bizarre, if you think about it.  It’s like putting Canadian lawyers who are used to working in Canadian courts into a Tribunal whose Star Chamber type operations have much more in common with King Faad’s Court than they do with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

And so there are two nations at play here at the BitCHRT: 

The Dominion of Canada vs. Canuckistan. 

You can think of this tribunal as the transitionary phase from an advanced Parliamentary Commonwealth Democracy to a cross between Judge Wapner and the Sharia Courts of Saudi Arabia.

Any fool can see this is going to end very badly for Macleans.  The end result will be the same, so why waste all the dough on six high-priced lawyers?  What did today cost Macleans? $500 bucks/hour * 8 hours * 6 lawyers plus expenses.  That’s a cool $30K – at least.  And that’s just today’s costs.

That’s why they should pull their lawyers now and send in a comedian for some relief – although one could successfully argue that the proceedings were already a joke, I suppose.  But at least we’ll all get some bona fide laughs out of it.  Better yet, why not just fold up the tent and let Ezra have a go since he’s already there?  If we’re gonna lose, let’s play it smart on this round and suck all the political juices out of it for what it’s worth. 

If there’s no rules in the kitchen, if they’re the one’s making the soup as they go along, we cannot win in this soup kitchen. They’re all soup naziis.

No soup for you! …and freedom of thought, expression, and the press either!

4 thoughts on “The Soup Naziis

  1. As a victim of crime in B.C. I have spent years in courts with the help of professor Tom Landers. If the good professor did not help me I would have been a victim of criminal lawyers legal bills and could not have won the case in civil court. The Crown Prosector in Surrey seemed to be on the defendents side and not the victims. But winning in civil B.C.Supreme Court with the help of Professor Landers feels like loosing. After the civil B.C. Supreme Court Order against the Defendent in my favor in 2003, the good professor and I had to go through a mountain of steps to get the Court Order enforced. This would have cost me a fortune if the good professor did not help me in friendship , and I could not have done it. The good professor has helped me with a mountain of Supreme Court paperwork and has suggested I write a book using it.
    We have a B.C. Supreme Court Warrant and Order of Committal against the defendent since April 18, 2006 and the R.C.M.P. still have not found him. I had a visit from the R.C.M.P. in February this year and they have not found the Defendent. Professor Landers said he would not have believed it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes. All criminals rip you off , and our justice system is a crime. No wonder B.C. is a World Crime Superpower according to the May cover-story of Macleans magazine. The rest of Canada is probably the same. Why wouldn’t it be ?

  2. These complainants want nothing less than to shut down any and all political and social debate/discussion about the impact upon traditionally Judeo-Christian Canada of accommodating the long, long, long bitch-list of Muslim sensitivities.

    It is clear to me that these people want nothing less than for all of us to accompany them at calls to prayer carrying our own little mats and wearing our little caps.

    Oops! My bad! I almost forgot. Me and mine will have some kind of special emblem sewn onto the sleeves of everything we wear, and we’ll have to work on special farms and labor camps. I almost forgot that part. Apparently, so has the Canadian Jewish Congress and its alleged Jewish “leaders”..

  3. Yes, I totally agree with the huge disparity…when I saw the three on TVO with Steyn I was embarrased for Osgood Hall…do they give certain groups of immigrants handicaps as in golf, or as in other law faculties where they allow certain groups all sorts of handicaps…like two hours extra to write exams and things of that nature…
    Anyway…anyone who is a Jerry Seinfeld fan and can produce part of the soup Nazi episode deserves a comment…
    This is what happened to a person I know in Toronto…..Anybody walked around carrying a forbidden book lately, like the soon to be Steyn book, or a Salmon R. book…or defiled a Koran in any way such as reading your copy in English and with no kleenex having to sneeze and not wanting to sneeze all over people in front or back, putting up the open book to catch the snot and then having to rip out the page rather than shut the book with all that flem and snot sticking the pages together……
    This action from a senior deserves the assault that followed…
    I know a female senior who did this in Toronto in a subway station coming up past the news stand vendor. She was chased, then threatened by death, then physically assaulted as he grabbed hold of her..She pulled away and he grabbed her hand harder trying to yank away the book, while’s my book…I’ll kill you…She got away and was chased up the stairs… and pushed out the doorway of the subway station in front of many others as he yelled abusive threats to her.. The news stand attendant who was defending His honor and His religion and His holy book.
    Afterall, he has made a stand there..It is his area now..he and his wife both extremists I guess because she was right behind him yelling abuse and they have a right to chase her out. She can use another station…They have claimed this one.
    Police informed her afterward at the hospital that what she did was a Hate crime and that the much physically stronger younger man who was within his rights to intimidate, chase, threaten, usher death threats…and further more he could press charges…and Afterall, there were no real injuries..after x-rays…just bruises and swelling…even though the whole incident was clearly on video…they said they would go to speak to him and tell him he could file charges as a hate crime if he chose.
    The following day just to show support and make their claim to the area and their presence known……a huge gathering occured at the park across from the subway station…over 40 full Burka wearing women and their many many many children along with another group of husbands who sat adjacent them…
    The senior now completely intimidated and frightened will never defile the Koran in public again.. She will wear a scarf and cover her face when she goes past the news stand…so that she will show solidarity with the vendors…and hide the English version of the Koran that she is reading to understand the basis of Islam, hide it well, between her legs, down her panties where even as a senior it may be subject to secretions…or little pieces of poop…
    Vivala Canada…

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