The Solution to the Health Care Problem

Neither socialized medicine nor private health care (as it is now practiced) is the answer.

Neither system addresses the inadequate health care that still exists under either system. Under the private system, people are excluded because of wealth. This is wrong. Under the public system, everybody suffers because of ideology. This is worse.

This whole debate is focusing on the form instead of the SUBSTANCE of the issue. The form is all about public vs. private. That’s the wrong issue to address. Either form will simply shift the misery and the frustration to the other constituency which is ignored.

I oppose socialized health care because it is taking away my right to treat myself or my family. The fact that I might have the means to do it should not be penalized, and be taken away by some ideologue who essentially makes an arbitrary decision and makes me suffer more while someone else suffers less. Admittedly, money is not the best arbiter of who gets treatment, but it is much better than giving that decision to some bureaucrat who makes the decision for me.

Besides, when socialists have serious health problems and they have money to address their problems, they sure forget about ideology quick-like and pay for the treatment. Ask Jack Layton.

On the other hand, there is something scandalous about people dying because they can’t afford treatment. This too is very, very wrong.

So what do you do? First, you stop talking about the ADMINISTRATION of health care and you start talking about the big questions of life…like meaning and ethics and the value of self-sacrifice.

Only a revived Christian ethic which asks and gets a vocational response from its people will meet the needs of health care.

In other words, devoted people who lay down their lives for love of God and men by working in the health care field as a vocation.

It’s not Utopia or wishful thinking either because, for a very long time before the State was involved in health care, that’s what the Christian faith DID. Where do you think many of our hospitals came from?

It is the only thing that will work to increase the supply of health care professionals and other resources while keeping our costs down.

It can work. But there is a price to pay. The West would have to trash its whole philosophical worship of materialism and make a complete about-face. It can be done, but there has to be a turning of the heart first.

Frankly, I think people would rather suffer under either system than turn to what will truly liberate all of us.

No significant problem will ever change without a moral shift. To think otherwise is to be drinking the real Koolaid.

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