The Soirée at Salt + Light

Last week, Salt + Light, Canada’s presumptive “channel of hope”, held a posh fundraising soirée at the Royal Ontario Museum, raising close to $2M.  Here’s some of the details:

More than 150 business and community leaders from across the country gathered tonight at the Royal Ontario Museum to celebrate and show support for Salt + Light Television. The event raised $1.9 million in much needed support of our Canadian Catholic television network. The evening was full of highlights including a donation of $1 million from The Hilary M. Weston Foundation for Youth for the development of new programming featuring the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI on Interfaith relations; a $50,000.00 from the Montreal based Desmarais family and Power Corporation; and $500,000.00 from the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus. “This evening is a testimony to the great support Salt + Light Television has across Canada.” said Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, CEO of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation. “Salt and Light Television was born six years ago, on the wings of World Youth Day 2002. It is a vibrant sign of the Church that is alive and young. Tonight’s event is essential for the continued growth of our network and I thank all those who took part in this evening, as well as all those across Canada who support Salt + Light through prayers and donations.” The 2009 gala, An Evening at the Dead Sea, took place against the backdrop of the ROM’s historic Exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Deuteronomy Ten Commandments Scroll. “The Ten Commandments have helped to shape our society and culture, offering people a precise blueprint on how to live in harmony,” said Tony Gagliano, Executive Chairman and CEO, St. Joseph Communications and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Salt + Light Catholic Media Foundation. “Through modern media and real-life examples of hope and charity, Salt + Light Television gives audiences the support they need to remain faithful to this important call.” The gala is one of several fundraising initiatives organized annually by Salt + Light Television to fund its operations. The vast majority of funding comes people like you who are committed to spreading the Good News of Christ and the message of the Church through creative television programs.  (Source)

[Hilary Weston] and her husband Galen donated one million dollars to Salt + Light Television for the development of a new series of programs that will feature the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI on Interfaith Relations and Ecology. (Source)

You’ll notice where the $1M is going, of course.  To fight abortion?  To strengthen the family, perhaps?  Or to encourage traditional Catholic piety like Eucharistic adoration?


Instead, the dough is going to the typical “social justice” issues like “inter-religious dialogue” and “ecology”.  How typical.  Nothing wrong with those topics, of course, in an orthodox Catholic context.  But it’s the priority and importance one attaches to them that is at issue today.  The Catholic Church in Canada wants to play up each “crisis issue”, fed to it by the liberal elites of this country, as if they were equally important  to the sanctity of human life and the family!  (In fact, the whole ecological/environmental sham is really about population control and population reduction.  The “environmental crisis” is the ticket that sells it to the people.  It’s the cover, the trojan horse to push the real agenda on an unsuspecting populace.  Anyone who has any clue about the modern environmental radicals knows this.  If you don’t believe me, ask any run-of-the-mill, doped-up environmental activist what they think about aggressive population control, and you will be re-educated about their disposition concerning the value of human life.)

Don’t you know, for instance, that the hierarchy in this country stresses the environment as much as or even over life and family issues?  One million dollars says that imbalance will continue into the forseeable future at Salt + Light too.  Hey, come to think of it, maybe they should change their name to Salt + Sugar instead.  That way, they can save energy by dumping the “Light”, and denote their ecological awareness at the same time!  When you depend on big money, folks, big money will ensure that you stress their issues, not the issues that really matter to the Faithful.

I also see that Power Corp. flipped Fr. Rosica a $50,000 bone too.  That’s chump change for their networth of a $100 billion, of course.   If you don’t know too much about them, this news report will give you a clue of the texture and influence of Power Corp.  Paul Desmarais Jr., the chairman and co-CEO of Power Corporation of Canada, is on the international advisory board of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold mining company outside South Africa.   I’m sure Development & Peace will be glad to know that the propaganda they broadcast on Salt + Light is brought to us by that nasty capitalist and mining exploiter they keep trying to hamstring.  It’s all just one big, happy family, eh!?

I’m not particularly happy about the Knights of Columbus’s donation of $500K, but then again, the whole Fr. Rosica’s Mad As Hell Marshmellow tour had not yet had its effects on the K of C membership.  We’ll see if this relationship keeps up in the years to come.

I must say, however, that this soirée has demonstrated a very consistent theme with Fr. Rosica.  He uses the double standard very well to advance his causes.  His latest foray is about scoring with the big players to keep Salt + Light afloat.  He tells us in his blog post that “the vast majority of funding comes [from] people like you who are committed to spreading the Good News of Christ and the message of the Church through creative television programs.”  Well, he can’t be that concerned with ordinary viewers and their donations.  This is what he told one of Salt + Light’s subscribers who had complained about Fr. Rosica’s shameless support of the scandalous public Catholic funeral of that pro-abort, Ted Kennedy:

Posted: Friday, September 18, 2009 1:06 PM
To: Salt & Light

Trusting that this brief message is not deemed to be hateful or divisive.

As a result of Fr Rosica`s recent & repeated over-the-top accusations, I have today regretfully cancelled my subscription to S&L TV.
Father Tom might possibly benefit from a period of rest & recreation as a way to have a reality-check and to get the world back in focus.

From: Thomas Rosica
To: Name Withheld
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 1:11 PM

Thanks for the warning. We won’t even miss you!  Your $2.99 per month never came to us but went to the cable provider. May the Lord bless
you in your searching. Fr. Rosica

Why would Fr. Rosica miss one of his viewer-peasants, when Salt + Light has millions of dollars being pumped into it by the glitterari?  Is this the kind of attitude that a future bishop should reflect to the flock?  I should think not!

Contrast this to a real news service like They don’t have any million dollar benefactors.  They survive on the small, but hard-earned donations of faithful Catholics who sacrifice substantially to keep their operation above water.  In fact, if they were getting million dollar donations, we should be suspicious.   There’s something really disordered about a comfortable Catholic apostolate with a large, non-Catholic foundation as its substantial benefactor. Something just doesn’t sit right.  Even EWTN which has a substantially larger budget than Salt + Light is always scrambling to keep broadcasting, and you can bet they aren’t accepting money with strings attached either.  Mother Angelica saw to that.

Big money comes with a big price tag, if you know what I mean.  So, just remember in your charitable giving, folks.  They need our help and our support to keep on turning over the rocks and shining the light.  LSN has done incredible work in the past, not the least of which was uncovering the Development & Peace abortion scandal, among many other investigative reports which have literally changed the course of history.  Those are the kind of stories that you will positively, absolutely never find on stations like Salt + Light.



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