The Skinny On The Street Is That Justin Trudeau Is No Longer Receiving Communion

Big Blue Wave picked up on a story about Boy Wonder, Justin Trudeau, and his adolescent rebellion against his putative Catholic faith wherein he has no problem in being a pro-abort thug and imposing abortion over his MPs’ consciences.  In true liberal fashion, no liberal is concerned with this.  Carry on Justin, you’re being a fine thug for us. Keep up the good work.

The article in questions digs up past comments made by Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck :

Ottawa’s Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck has warned that there is a possibility that Canon Law 915 could be enforced against Justin Trudeau to deny him Holy Communion if he does not back off his decision to ban pro-life candidates from running for nominations to represent the Liberal Party of Canada in the next federal election. Canon Law states that those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion. “Out of concern for safeguarding the reverence that is due Our Lord in the Eucharist and to avoid scandal, one could possibly apply this norm even in the case of a pro-abortion Catholic politician who is extremely vocal about his position.” With an election looming on the horizon, Trudeau may find that there is more at stake to winning elections than simply glad-handing on the barbecue circuit or wowing the crowds with his dance moves at Pride parades, and that neither his celebrity status nor famous legacy buy him a free pass as a Catholic from the Church’s moral authority.

There’s no new comment here from +Riesbeck. It’s just old stuff. But, what is new is the first comment from the article in the combox by a guy who attends his parish in Montreal. This is what he said:

“…the argument is, I think academic, on the several occasions I have been with him at Mass, he did not receive communion.”

Now this is very interesting. Did the Boy Wonder choose out of his own volition to refrain from receiving Communion, or did his bishop or Bishop Riesbeck school him on what is expected of him?

It’s very possible that a compromise was reached:  “Justin, bud, this is your choice:  either refrain from receiving holy communion or the religious shtick you’ve been selling about being a good Catholic is going to be challenged by us.  Take your pick.”  This is, of course, speculation on my part, but it is very possible.

Regardless of what went down, this is some news which we should be spreading far and wide.  Some smart reporter out there should ask him to confirm whether he is receiving Communion or not.  And, if he isn’t, boy does the fun begin then!  Some crackerjack, ignoramus reporter could start the ball rolling with a question like this, for instance:

Uh, Justin, why aren’t you receiving Communion?  What could be the matter? Isn’t that kind of serious?  Doesn’t that mean yer goin’ to hell, er’ somethin’?

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