The single-mom catastrophe

Ms. Feminist, how’s it workin’ for ya?

The single-mother revolution has been an economic catastrophe for women. Poverty remains relatively rare among married couples with children; the U.S. census puts only 8.8% of them in that category, up from 6.7% since the start of the Great Recession. But more than 40% of single-mother families are poor, up from 37% before the downturn. In the bottom quintile of earnings, most households are single people, many of them elderly. But of the two-fifths of bottom-quintile households that are families, 83% are headed by single mothers. The Brookings Institution’s Isabel Sawhill calculates that virtually all the increase in child poverty in the United States since the 1970s would vanish if parents still married at 1970 rates.

Women and their children weren’t the only ones to suffer the economic consequences of the single-mother revolution; low-earning men have lost ground too. Knowing that women are now expected to be able to raise children on their own, unskilled men lose much of the incentive to work, especially at the sometimes disagreeable jobs that tend to be the ones they can get. Scholars consistently find that unmarried men work fewer hours, make less money and get fewer promotions than do married men.

Experts have come to believe that these are not just selection effects — that is, they don’t just reflect the fact that productive men are likelier to marry. Marriage itself, it seems, encourages male productivity. One study by Donna Ginther and Madeline Zavodny examined men who’d had shotgun marriages and thus probably hadn’t been planning to tie the knot. The shotgun husbands nevertheless earned more than their single peers did.

3 thoughts on “The single-mom catastrophe

  1. Sometimes women are left as single mothers, often one might add, because the man will not accept responsibility and leaves her and her children, or there are abuse issues.

    How many times do you know that women have to leave and seek help in shelters, because of this.

    It is very important to not assume all single mothers are single mothers because they choose to be in such a place.

    Again, I quote Deacon Bob Macdonald, from the Catholic Family volume (volumes one and two), used to be available from Ave Maria Press, and highly recommended by our Beloved g(gone to be
    with The Lord), Father Bob Bedard, who hazards a guess that all feminism that we know of today would disappear if men were the men God called them to be.

    It is men who are supposed to be Christ to their wives the Church and they their wives THEN can properly love back, fully after having received love from someone who is supposed to be modelling himself after Christ. The order is not as it should be.

    Men are still blaming women as they did Eve, and it is not the always even when refusing to own their God given responsibility to be men first and foremost, in providing protecting defending and loving and being the example of Christ to the women in their lives and in fact to all women.
    Men still whine like victims and blame Eve even though Mary is the reddemed Eve. How harmful is that to women?
    When I am around a true man, who respects and loves women as Christ does it is a rare thing, let me tell you and I might also add to be sure that women have had to assume all kinds of responsibilities that they do not want to, such as being a single mother because, as real grown-up men and accountable ones, I might add, will attest to, the majority of men do not even like admitting their wrongs, let alone desiring to own them and be real lovers, and be responsible men of God like Christ to the point of daily laying down their lives for their wives and families and even dying if need be for their wives and families.

    A man should be gentle loving, kind never boastful, nor resentful towards his wife,
    or others and forgiving as Christ does, yet courageous in the right things. He should be humble and willing to admit when he is wrong and listen to the women around him. Men need to stop blaming women!!! as they did in the days of Eve, and vice versa. How many times do you hear of a woman killing her husband and all her family then burning the house down.? Why is it that it is predominantly men who are the ones who first saw the profit in the horrific industry of abortion.? , i.e. is child slaughter. Why is it men who are the main users of pornography and treating women as well as others as their objects.? Men lead in these distorted narcisstic, example of perversion to women and society in general, is it any wonder, then that women consider it equality to follow after these aberrations as well? Not blaming men, just something to consider.

    I mean look at history, Jesus is very well aware of why feminism came about, and He does not vilify women for it, but compassionately understands them and tries to love them and make them see His Truth, so they can come into their true identity through the Intercession and help His Mother and Our Blessed Mother Mary. Either way, when a woman is suffering as are men God knows why and it is primarily because the order of God is not being adhered to.

    The Church unfortuantely is still much more full of women seeking Gods Truth and desire to follow Him in obedience then men, and many women will lament where are all the Godly men they want to
    be their future husbands, father their children, and love and or lead the Church in other vocations.

    Blessed Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost please restore Your Church and all Your children in Your order as only You can do with Love, Mercy, Compassion and understanding and we ask You this through our Blessed Mother Mary, and with Good St. Joseph and all the Saints and Angels, …Amen.

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